Top tips for staying safe this festive period

With the festive season right upon us, excitement in the air and the sound of Christmas music all around us, there’s no hiding from the fact that we’re in the most fun time of the year. Children are excitedly awaiting the arrival of Santa on Christmas Eve, and adults are ready to enjoy a festive tipple or two!

When food abounds, Christmas is a time of delicious food, synonymous with enjoying treats and eating out. But what happens when you’re living with food allergies? And how can you ensure that those with allergies don’t miss out?

Christmas should be all about having fun, children getting excited, and everyone having time to relax and unwind without stress.

It may take a bit of planning, but it can be done, and it’s certainly achievable!

TopĀ Tips for a fun and safe festive breakĀ 

  1. Make sure you have enough medication to last the holiday season, especially if you are away visiting the family
  2. Ensure your, and your child’s, allergy medication is with you at all times
  3. Have information about your allergies on your person, ideally wearing a medical ID
  4. Know when and how to use your adrenaline autoinjectors
  5. Always check labels when food shopping or before eating food-based gifts; Christmas additions may have different ingredients
  6. Communicate allergies in advance when eating out, and double-check when ordering and again before eating. Good communication is vital
  7. Be cautious with anything you eat/drink/put in your mouth. If in doubt, don’t risk it
  8. Be aware that alcohol can contain allergens and also affect your judgement
  9. Ensure a friend/work colleague knows what to do in case of an emergency and who your person of contact is (Next of Kin)

For more information on staying safe with food allergies, including how to spot the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction

Wishing you a Safe Christmas and Happy New Year from all at Allergy UK