Precautionary Allergen Information and Labels Consultation

Share your views with the Food Standards Agency on precautionary allergen information and labels like 'may contain'

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a consultation to gather views from businesses and consumers on precautionary allergen labelling and information, often written as “may contain” on food packaging, and would like to invite you to respond.

Studies have found that:

  1. Consumers can be confused by the range of precautionary labelling statements and information and are uncertain about what they mean.
  2. Food businesses are confused about when and how they need to use these labels to protect consumers.

The FSA’s online survey will cover topics including: the provision of precautionary allergen information to consumers; improving guidance and advice for businesses on how and when to use the labelling; ensuring compliance with regulations; and standardising risk-analysis for allergen cross-contamination.

To understand how precautionary allergen labelling and information can be improved for businesses and consumers, the FSA needs to hear from you,

Share your views here

The consultation on precautionary allergen labelling and information will be open until 14 March 2022.