Allergy UK welcome new trustees to the board

Allergy UK has welcomed two new trustees to the board. Liz Withers brings a wealth of experience in policy and public affairs, having worked for a Westminster MP before moving to the voluntary and public sector. Her arrival will help to strengthen the organisation’s effectiveness in converting the calls outlined in Allergy UK’s Patient Charter into meaningful policy, practice, and legislation.

Peter Frampton also joins as a trustee board member bringing his extensive experience of corporate governance from both sides of the Board table. He has held posts with West LB, UBS and HSBC.

“We’re privileged to be able to welcome such valuable expertise to our board.  All our new trustees have a direct understanding of how challenging it can be to live with allergies. We’re excited to bring this experience to the work that Allergy UK undertakes to improve the lives of our beneficiaries. It will ensure our mission to have allergy taken seriously by all, continues to go from strength to strength.” – Carla Jones, CEO Allergy UK

Meet our Trustees