It’s time to take skin allergy seriously

For the second phase of our ‘It’s Time to Take Allergy Seriously’ campaign, we will be focusing on highlighting the reality of living with atopic dermatitis. 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults in the UK live with atopic dermatitis, yet the condition remains misunderstood and stigmatised.

Often seen as ‘just a skin condition’, but when you’re living with eczema, it can impact all aspects of your daily life, affecting your physical, social and psychological health.

With spring arriving, the weather becoming warmer and the summer holidays on the horizon, Allergy UK has set out to shift public perceptions of what living with atopic dermatitis can mean for those affected. During a time when there’s often no hiding dry, itchy, inflamed skin, the real story may be happening beneath the surface. This phase of the campaign aims to uncover the truth behind eczema and change how the condition is seen and understood.

The campaign will launch with a national digital advertising campaign reflecting the lived experience of those who are living with allergic skin conditions and highlighting the services we offer to patients.  Across Allergy UK social channels, we’ll be starting conversations around skin allergies and shining a light on what its impact can be for people as well as signposting to new resources developed by our team to support with the management of atopic dermatitis.

It’s Time to Take Allergy Seriously