Taking our Allergy Awareness Week calls to Parliament

As Allergy Awareness Week came to a close, the Allergy UK team was thrilled and encouraged to see the strength of support for our Patient Charter calls. We marked the end of the week with two fantastic achievements in relation to making the allergic community’s voices heard. The first was the launch of the Parliament petition to run alongside our pledge wall. Securing a Parliament petition is important because once it reaches 10,000 it requires a government response and can be considered for debate in parliament. To this end, we are now asking people to pledge support for our call to introduce a specialist allergy nurse and dietitian on the Parliament petition, and then also via our pledge wall if you would also like to share our story. The Parliamentary petition can be found here.

The second achievement was that we secured a Westminster Hall Parliamentary Debate on Allergy on 11th May.

Our petition and pledge wall provide an opportunity to show politicians the strength of feeling for improved support for those living with allergic conditions in time for this important debate.

On our Patient Charter digital hub, there is now an updated template letter to send to MP. The letter requests their participation in this debate, highlights why there is such a strong need for allergies to be taken seriously and how government can act to enable this.

Let’s use this opportunity to showcase how passionate the allergic community feels about ensuring that allergic disease is better understood and considered by society as a whole, and that it really is time to take allergy seriously.

Support our Parliamentary petition today!