Global Access to Psychological Services for Food Allergy (GAPS)

An international study on Global Access to Psychological Services for Food Allergy (GAPS) is looking for parents or caregivers of children with food allergy to take part in some interviews. You will receive a £10 Amazon voucher for taking part.

In phase one of the study, a survey collected information about psychological distress and psychological health needs in patients with food allergy and their families.  The survey also asked if they had been referred to someone to help them with any distress, such as a psychologist. You may have taken part in this survey yourself.  There were over  2000 responses from all over the world which showed that many patients and families would like psychological support when managing their or their child’s food allergy.  Researchers now want  to interview people to find out about these needs in more detail.

This study is headed by Dr Rebecca Knibb at Aston University in collaboration Dr Chrissie Jones, Dr Helen Brough, Dr Linda Herbert, Mary Jane Marchisotto, Centres in the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada and the Patient Organisations Committee for allergy.

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