Culinea Paella 750g

Best before 20 June 2023 / Batch number: L1354-2

Lidl Ireland is recalling the above batch of its Culinea Paella because the ingredients are not labelled in English. The implicated batch contains crustaceans, fish, milk and molluscs. This may make the batch unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of crustaceans, fish, milk or molluscs.

If you have bought either of these products and have an allergy to crustaceans, fish, milk and/or molluscs, do not eat it. Instead return them to the store from where it was bought for a full refund.

Note from Allergy UK: If you have any concerns about the above product please contact our Helpline on 01322 619898 (9am – 5pm).