Autumn Allergy Awareness Week

It’s time to take allergy seriously: This week we are putting food on the menu

Today, Monday 24th October 2022 marks the start of our Allergy Awareness Week and the launch of the second phase of our ‘It’s Time to Take Allergy Seriously’ campaign.

For this week we are shining a spotlight on food allergies.  The months ahead are full of social occasions and entertaining where food often takes centre stage.


We know from the research we conducted last year, that social events can leave those with food allergies with heightened anxiety and isolated or excluded because of their allergies.   In the case of children specifically,

  • 61% of children with food allergies have avoided social situations because of their allergy.
  • 53% of children with food allergies feel isolated due to how much their allergies affect their life.
  • 41% of parents would be anxious about their child with food allergies having an allergic reaction at a social event.

Find out more about our research

On our social channels this week, through our press and PR work, we’re going to be holding a national conversation around food allergies.  We have a host of Halloween themed resources for parents that we are launching this week, all packed with advice on how to ensure the event is spooky in the right way. A number of radio interviews planned with our Food Allergy Awareness Officer to talk about the importance of being food allergy aware at this time of year. Be sure to listen out for us! On top of that we have lots of informative and educational posts on our social channels for our community to share far and wide to get the message out there.

Join in the conversation and spread the word, because it really is time to take allergy seriously.