Allergy UK welcomes Baroness Healy as a new Parliamentary Champion

Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill

Recently, Allergy UK met with Baroness Healy to raise awareness of the daily challenges of people living with allergies and share Allergy UK’s call to bring vital change and end the current postcode lottery of adequate allergy care in the UK.

During these discussions, Baroness Healy agreed that more needed to be done to bring allergy into the forefront of minds, shifting public perceptions and improving current healthcare provisions in the UK.

We are excited to welcome Baroness Healy as our latest Allergy UK Parliamentary Champion and have agreed to amplify our calls and use her platform to advocate for improved allergy services in the UK.

I am delighted to support Allergy UK as a Parliamentary Champion. There has been a staggering 615% increase in hospital admissions related to allergic disease during the last 20 years and 8% of all GP appointments relate to allergy.

Despite these figures, there are only 40 adult allergy consultants in the UK and even fewer paediatric allergy specialists. I, therefore, support Allergy UK’s call for each ICS to have a fully-funded specialist allergy service with one specialist allergy nurse and one specialist dietician.

I am also thrilled to back Allergy UK’s wider work to ensure people living with allergy can live in a society that takes allergy seriously.

Will you join Baroness Healy in pledging your support and signing our formal Parliamentary Petition?

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