Managing their allergies

Information and advice for a parent or carer of a child living with allergy

Parent of a 5 to 11 year old

Understanding their condition and how it’s managed, is the first step your child can take to gain independence with their allergies.

Discuss with them:

  • Understanding their diagnosis and what they should be avoiding.
  • Recognising their symptoms and the difference between mild and severe reactions.
  • Understanding their allergy action plan and how to use emergency medication.
  • Reassuring them to not be afraid of their allergies.

Encourage them to take these first steps to manage their allergy independently:

  • Take responsibility by carrying their own medication, get them to choose or decorate a bag they like and will want to carry.
  • Encourage your child to prepare questions for themselves before their allergy appointments, this will help gain confidence and make the transition to adult services easier.
  • At the start of the consultation, urge your child to talk about their allergy and ask some of the questions they have prepared. This will give you insight into what they know and what they may need help with.
  • As they get older, discuss having part of the consultation on their own (e.g. the first five minutes) and build this up over time at each consultation.
  • Support them on how to say no and not being afraid to speak up, such as saying no in a café or restaurant that has not clarified or declared ingredients.
  • If these are too daunting to start with, try role playing together at home common scenarios or writing down an allergy script together.

And remember:

  • Remain positive and calm, even when things might not go to plan, children pick up on stresses and anxiety.
  • Acknowledge the small wins, praise your child and yourself.

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