Youth Engagement Programme

Allergy UK’s Youth Engagement programme is a safe platform for young people living with allergy to come together, share stories and experiences and raise awareness about allergy. With active participation at the heart of what we do, our Youth Engagement programme will enable young people to partake in the co-creation and co-production of all projects and activities designed to support their needs. 

Engagement Aims 

We know that young people have a tough time dealing with their allergies. Therefore, it is important that young people are equipped with the right tools to support them through their journey. 

We seek to promote a culture of ‘Powerful youth for a powerful and safe environment’ a space for young people to ‘Make, Do and Be Yourself’ – to encourage a sense of respect, belonging, learning and development, friendship, and togetherness amongst young people living with allergy and those without allergy in the UK.  

Engagement Levels 

Our Youth Engagement programme will consist of the three levels of engagement: Individual, Social and System level. 

  1. Individual level – Increased personal skills, healthy choices, and sense of identity.  
  2. Social Level – Stronger positive connections with friends, adults, and larger support network. 
  3. System level– Greater civic engagement. 

Engagement Tools  

Our programme strategy is to plan and organise short & long-term projects and activities such as: 

  • Youth residential & Trips 
  • Youth & Allergy Campaign 
  • Performing Arts Events 
  • Training & Workshops 
  • Film & Video Screening 
  • Learning & Volunteering opportunity 

We use all creative tools to learn, share and raise awareness about allergy and things that matter to us, including: 

  • Filmmaking & Animation 
  • Poetry & Storytelling
  • Music and song writing 
  • Painting & Drawing 
  • Craft & Design 
  • Sport and Fitness 

Engagement Focus 

Full participation: 

  • Young people living with allergy & those without allergy. 
  • Age range: 14 – 25 years old.

 Temporary participation: 

  • Parents, volunteers, and professionals collaborating with young people to combat the cause of allergy 
  • Schools, universities, and all youth organisations/services working in partnership with Allergy UK with an interest to support young people and acting upon them. 

Engagement Sessions 

Our activity sessions are held online (monthly) but also in person in our offices in Sidcup, South-East London for those who can attend. Our aim is to set up a structure where young people have full autonomy to plan and run activities and projects in every part of the UK and in their local communities. 

Engage Now 

We invite you to be part of our Allergy UK youth engagement programme and support us to develop this initiative in local, regional, and national level.  

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It is important to Allergy UK that we can engage with all people that are affected by allergic disease

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