Take food allergy seriously as a food manufacturer, producer or distributor

Take food allergy seriously

Your business can support those living with food allergies in the following ways: 

  1. Clearly mark any changes to a recipe. While the food-allergic community diligently read every label, often doing so multiple times, visibly highlighting changes to recipes and ingredients makes it easier to stay safe.
  2. Use clear, readable fonts on products. This makes the label reading more legible.  
  3. Use may contain statements when there is genuinely a risk of contamination. Clearly communicate the level of risk to support individuals in making safe and informed decisions. The use of may contain statements, where not applicable, dramatically reduces the choices available for those living with a food allergy.
  4. Appreciate that a food allergy is a year-round, long-term condition unaffected by seasonal holidays. Food allergies don’tdisappear away when Christmas or seasonal food hits the shelves. Free-from alternatives need to be available all year-round 
  5. Support community calls for consistent and standardised allergen labelling across all products. Consistent labelling allows the community to identify potential risks safely. There is less ambiguity and less of a need to learn and understand the differences in practices from manufacturer to manufacturer.  

Key findings

The impact of food labelling practices on the food allergic community.

  • 89%

    of adults with a food allergy believe food labelling such as 'may contain' or PAL labelling needs to change.

    (Allergy UK, 2023)

  • 61%

    of parents caring for a child with a food allergy have to visit multiple stores to find safe foods to eat as part of the weekly shop.

    (Allergy UK, 2023)

  • 51%

    of adults with a food allergy find it challenging when food manufacturers state 'may contain nuts' without specifying peanuts or a particular tree nut.

    (Allergy UK, 2023)

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