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Who are you and what do you do?

THOMAS is a German manufacturing business which has been family owned for four generations. Established for over a centenary, it is located between Cologne and Frankfurt in the region of Siegerland. THOMAS is proudly ‘made in Germany’. The mid-size company perfectly combines tradition and progress: on the one hand, its home is a quiet little town with original timbered houses, on the other, it is an internationally active global player in the retail business landscape.

Since the 1950s, the THOMAS spin dryer has enjoyed household success. Millions of homes all over Europe own our dryer. Since the end of the 1970s, THOMAS has focused on developing, manufacturing, and producing a fresh and different approach to vacuum cleaning with our wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

THOMAS has revolutionised vacuuming: The USP of a Thomas vacuum cleaner is its unique water filter technology. Instead of a dust bag, THOMAS works with its very own AQUA+ filter box. Not only is this more sustainable than standard designs,, it is also especially of great benefit for those affected by allergies and face challenges when vacuuming. Filled with only one litre of tap water, the small box can take on whatever hygiene challenges and cleaning tasks required. While vacuuming, dirt, particles, allergens, pollen and even bad smells are bound safely in water and cannot escape back into the ambient air, which feels noticeably fresher after a THOMAS vacuum has finished a job.

Our premium products:

AQUA+ Pet & Family – Certified by Allergy UK

CYCLOON HYBRID Family & Pets – German Innovation Award Winner

Proven back then just like now:

THOMAS spin dryer – energy-saving and highly effective

What are your business objectives with regards to allergy and supporting people with allergic disease?

Health is important to THOMAS. And the innovative water filter technology makes everyday life significantly easier for allergy sufferers.

Up to one billion visible dust particles can gather in one cubic metre of indoor air. For many, this can affect their health whether it be sneezing attacks right through to severe and debilitating allergic reactions.

This is when the technology and cleverly engineered water system used in THOMAS vacuums really comes into its own. The powerful suction on a THOMAS vacuum collects dust particles after which they are moistened by water in a special nozzle system (FineDust+ Prevention).  Particles then pass to the AQUA+ water tank and filter box.  Here they are collected, securely bound in the water reservoir, unable to escape back into the environment, and any bad odours are also contained.  The smallest dust particles are finally filtered out by the HEPA 13 filter.

The THOMAS AQUA+ series also brings benefits to those whose allergies can also be triggered by cleaning products.  The range is equipped with a smart spray extraction system that enables vacuuming, wiping and drying in one go on carpets, tiles and hard floors without any skin contact to detergents when cleaning, thus minimising contact with any allergens found in cleaning detergents.

Why have you chosen to partner with Allergy UK?

THOMAS has been associated with Allergy UK for over 15 years, when the first THOMAS vacuum with a water system was certified by the organisation.  Since then, THOMAS has had over 21 different products qualify for the Allergy UK Seal Of Approval.

THOMAS is proud to support Allergy UK, an organisation committed to improving the lives of those living with allergies. Transparent and trustworthy, Allergy UK’s work to raise awareness of allergies is important, relevant, and valuable to those living with allergies as well as more generally.

What is the overall objective for the partnership?

Through the partnership, THOMAS is able to lend its voice to a movement which recognises the severity of skin and respiratory allergies and conditions and the impact they can have one someone’s life.  The thorough testing and inspection required in order to gain an Allergy UK seal of endorsements reinforces quality of a THOMAS product and its suitability for those affected by allergies.

THOMAS is proud to be able to honour Allergy UK’s aim in improving the quality of life of those people living in allergic condition.

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