Tell Your Local Politician

Get in touch with your local politician to invite them to support our Patient Charter.

Politicians are able to support our campaign in parliament by raising a written or verbal question in parliament, calling for a debate, or even introducing a motion. Get in touch with your local politician to invite them to support our Patient Charter to help raise awareness of our campaign and influence policy makers.

What you can do:

  • Tell them about how allergy has impacted your life
  • Ask them to pledge their support
  • Ask them to share our campaign on their social channels

Find your Local Politician

Strict Parliamentary protocol dictates that MPs are only able to act on behalf of individuals and businesses located within their own constituency. It is therefore essential that you check who your MP is and then contact them accordingly. You can check who your MP is by inputting your postcode into the website below.

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Use our Letter Template

Download this letter template to help you write to your local politician.

Download template letter

Tips for writing to your MP

  • Provide your information – ensure that you clearly state who you are and your address within the constituency. If this information is not in your initial correspondence, you will be asked to verify who you are, which can slow the process down.
  • Make clear your wishes – shorter is often sweeter given MPs receive hundreds of emails a day. Be clear in what you are asking your MP to do, in this case, speaking up on Allergy UK’s campaign asks and meeting with Allergy UK.
  • Make it personal – If your letter reads like a template or generic email, MPs will be put off. Write in a personal, professional and friendly manner. Add a line of your own experience that emphasises what life has been like for you, your family member or friend that lives with allergy.
  • Use the correct title – For most MPs, simply address them as Mr or Mrs Smith. If your MP has been knighted it is appropriate to address them as ‘Dear Sir John’ not ‘Sir Smith’. Dame Jane Smith would be contacted as ‘Dear Dame Jane’. Some MPs have Rt Hon. Before their name – you do not need to include this in your address to them.


Given the high volume of emails MPs receive each day, do not expect an immediate response. If you have not heard back in 10 working days, then we would recommend following-up.

Support our Parliamentary Petition

If you’ve pledged your support for our call for more allergy nurses and dietitians at GP level, you can make our calls even louder by adding your name to our the official Parliament petition which is now live. When it reaches 10.000 signatures, it is considered for debate in parliament.

Sign our petition

Pledge your Support

Support our Patient Charter to help campaign to introduce an allergy nurse and dietitian as part of the services offered within GP practices.

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Our Champions

Every campaign needs its champions and we are delighted to welcome our champions pledging their support for our Patient Charter.

Meet our Champions

Read our Patient Charter

Allergy UK developed this charter in collaboration with patients and clinical experts which reflects the challenges that patients face in every single aspect of their lives.

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