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When it comes to driving positive change for the millions of people living with allergic conditions across the UK EVERY VOICE COUNTS.

By engaging with your elected representatives, you can play a pivotal role in our advocacy efforts by ensuring that the concerns of the allergy community are heard and addressed.

We are actively involved in several high-impact advocacy campaigns aimed at improving the lives of those affected by allergies. Our current campaigns aim to enhance the healthcare services available for individuals living with allergies. These initiatives encompass a broad spectrum of issues, including:

  1. Facilitating access to specialised allergy care at the primary care level.
  2. Promoting increased data collection and monitoring in the field of allergies.
  3. Advocating for health equality and equitable access to allergy-related medication

Through these campaigns, we seek to raise awareness, influence policymaking, and foster an inclusive society that recognises and accommodates the unique needs of individuals with allergic conditions.

As your elected representative in Parliament, your Member of Parliament (MP) plays a crucial role in shaping legislation and advocating for the concerns of their constituents. By contacting your MP and sharing your personal experiences and perspectives, you can ensure that the challenges faced by the allergy community are brought to the forefront of the political discourse.

Together, we can create a powerful movement that resonates throughout the halls of Parliament and drives meaningful change for the allergy community. Your involvement is crucial in amplifying our advocacy efforts and ensuring that everyone takes allergy seriously.

Your Voice Matters! Engage with Your MP.

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Strict Parliamentary protocol dictates that MPs are only able to act on behalf of individuals and businesses located within their own constituency. It is therefore essential that you check who your MP is and then contact them accordingly. You can check who your MP is by inputting your postcode into the website here.

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