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Cleanstation Air Cleaner

Approved by Allergy UK

Key Information

Clean Station A series can deliver pure and clean air with zero particle count, a unique High Electric Field Plasma(HEFP) inside the filtration system, no matter how dirty the air is. People can enjoy sterilized and healthy air for better living.

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Cleanstation Air Cleaner
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Cat Allergen, Dog Allergen, Fungi, House Dust Mite, Latex, Mould, Pollen, Silkworm Allergen


Bacteria, Formaldehyde, Smoke

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Clean Station A Series is not like any conventional air cleaners in the market today. Clean Station A Series has equipped with a unique High Electric Field Plasma(HEFP) inside the filtration system. It will not only capture visible particular dust and airborne microorganism but also break most of the invisible and toxic substance in the air.


3 x Filtration stages + High Electric Field Plasma System

1. Pre-Filter:

Traps hair, fluff and visible large dust particles.

2. ECF Filter:

Traps fine dust particles, smoke, a wide variety of gases, cigarette smoke, odours and formaldehyde to cleanse the air, particularly of unpleasant odours.

3. HEPA Filter:

Our HEPA certified by the International institution, trap of microscopic particles (0.3 microns or smaller), including common allergens like pollen, mould spores, house dust mite and irritants such as bacteria.

High Electric Field Plasma System
(Invention Patent: USA, JPN, TWN, CHN)

100% particle block, break off formaldehyde and nicotine chemical bound, and bacteria sterilization by patent system which include DC & Pulse Plasma and filtration structure in Air cleaner, Dehumidifier, Air conditioner.

No production of ozone, OH* and/or UV light.

No damages on surroundings including, animals, plants and/ or material walls.

Energy consumption (electric power) is quite small.

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