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A Christmas story about inclusivity and allergy awareness

Does your child have food allergies? Have they been left out because of  a lack of understanding about how to keep them safe?

This Christmas, Allergy UK has written a short children’s story about Buddy the Elf who has food allergies. Buddy’s story aims to raise awareness about the importance of inclusivity and understanding food allergies, particularly at this time of year.

Listen to the audiobook or download the story below.

Buddy the Elf has serious food allergies and at first, his friends in the workshop don’t know how to keep him safe. Santa soon steps in to educate the elves and Buddy gets a really important promotion!

Download the Story

We hope that you will find this story an enjoyable, light-hearted but educational way to broach the topic of inclusivity with your children, and also a helpful resource to encourage the people around them to learn about food allergies and the physical and emotional impact it can have on those living with them.

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