Stirling Marathon 2018

I have a big birthday this year and I decided to run my first marathon.  I chose Allergy UK to fundraise for as we have used their services several times throughout the past few years.

My Son has a dairy, egg and Penicillin allergy as well as severe Hayfever from Spring until Autumn.  We were extremely lucky that his GP at his 8 week appointment suggested he could have an intolerance to dairy and was referred to a Dietitian that day with special formula being given the following day.  The intolerance turned out to be an allergy after skin prick tests and he reacts even if milk touches his skin as we found out recently by accident.  We are lucky that he is a happy and healthy 4 year old boy partly due to the early diagnosis but other families aren’t as lucky.

Allergy UK help families who may not be as fortunate getting the help they require.  They give great advice and we love their translation cards that we take on holiday and also use in the UK at restaurants so we can eat out safely. That’s why we wanted to raise money for Allergy UK.

My son, Theo and daughter, Lara took part in the Great Stirling Family Run the day before my marathon and together we raised £900 to help support people with allergies.