Natalie's Story

My allergies are:

  • Hay fever, moderate – severe
  • Pollen /Food Syndrome
  • Rhinoconjunctivitis
  • Urticaria
  • Asthma
  • Hypersensitivity to Drugs penicillin and Beta-lactam Antibiotics

Impact on my daily life: I take my medications every day. I used to take them 6 months of the year, now I have to them for 9 months. No day is the same for me with my allergies. I never know when I’m going to experience a reaction or a flare up in symptoms. I have found it hard at times because I am one of those kinds of people who if I don’t need the medication, I try to do without it. I don’t really like taking meds but I have to, I can react at any time. As I have got older I have noticed my symptoms are worse, it can affect me at work, it can slow me down. I carry meds with me just in case I need them. I do a lot of walking in my job, so sometimes I have to be careful with my Asthma. At times I have been unable to carry out some of my work duties because of my allergies. My symptoms can make me very tired so I have to rest /sleep more when I get home.

Impact on my mental health My Husband Pete has helped me a lot, taken me to the doctors or hospital when needed as I don’t drive.

I got very upset this time last year as for the first time I had a reaction to nuts, in a restaurant. I had always eaten nuts, they were a part of my everyday diet and then suddenly I had to stop eating them. After the reaction, I had tests done earlier this year and I have a confirmed allergy to 6 types of nuts. I was gutted. I am waiting to go back to see what they say at Manchester Allergy Clinic. I felt so embarrassed at the time because we were with friends and people were looking, but it’s how you get treated at times, normally I just get on with it. Unless people know and understand what you have, you do feel isolated at times. I wanted a dog and was very upset again when I was told it would be best if I did not get one, it was heart breaking. Oh well, at least I have Parker my tortoise.

My advice to others: group talks would help a lot. More support is needed for adults. I see there is a lot of help for children but where is it for adults?