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I would like to receive more information on Allergy UK services

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I’m a registered Children’s nurse and now a university programme lead. Allergy should be embedded into all HCPs training. The most common chronic conditions in childhood but still a real lack of allergy awareness amongst most HCPs

Faye Mathias

As an allergy specialist nurse for many years, I witnessed the often serious health impact and reduced quality of life of people with allergic conditions. This will never improve until it is better understood and managed in primary care.

Maureen Jenkins

Our daughter has allergies and I’m getting no where with advice and help from my GP. It’s like a light has been switched on as she suddenly acquired itchy eyes and tummy aches, since April 2023. It’s heartbreaking to see her suffer, we are still without advice and paediatrician referral.

Asha Joshi

My son has allergies - we live in Northern Ireland and we do not have access to challenges without significant waiting times, or immunotherapy.

Janine Dolan

2 years ago I lost my beloved eldest sister to an allergic reaction.This was late onset at the age of 64. Although she received one Consultation, they did not identify the allergy. She was prescribed Certazine. She suddenly died at 68. As a family, we remain shocked,and devastated.

Beryl Ward

My son has severe allergies and current hospital based consultant led clinic appointments are infrequent and rushed. Being able to access support as required via the GP service would be helpful.

Natalie Dickinson

My daughter suffered for 5 months because of a delayed diagnosis of CMPA. GP’s failed to diagnose it and claimed it was colic. We ended up in A&E twice and my daughter was classed as failure to thrive due to refusing feeds.

Rosey Hepburn Imber

My daughter was born in lockdown and little support was provided for her allergy, don’t believe anyone should have the same experience as we did. We believe having assessable allergy support locally to hand is vital

Richard Harding

After my daughter's death I vowed to make change. By supporting allergy UK I'm also helping my other children who have allergies.

Clare Bristow