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Effie's Story

Effie, age 9 has had known allergies since she was first weaned onto solids and was introduced to milk egg and fish.  Her reaction to milk and fish required hospital visits and she reacted to egg without even tasting it.  She has had several skin prick tests and more recently a blood test to determine the extent of her allergies and if she is ever likely to grow out of them.  It is not looking likely at this point so we continue to manage her allergies in daily life. 

Effie's Story 1

Effie remembers a few negative experiences related to her allergies which left her feeling excluded, embarrassed and made fun of.   We have tried to help her to embrace he allergies, promote her inclusion and we make and take Effie friendly foods wherever we go. 

Allergy UK is always our go to site for all things allergy related whether that be for information, Factsheets, support for school, or most recently allergy free recipes. We have found the translation cards to be  super helpful for when we have been abroad as eating out can be particularly anxiety provoking. 

Effie and Irah wanted to help raise money for Allergy UK to help 'save people's lives' who have allergies. Effie would like for others to be more aware of allergies and the impact that they have on daily lives of those living with them.   

Effie's Story 2

Our one piece of advice to anyone affected by allergy is to embrace your allergies and focus on the positives of what you can eat rather than what you can't. Even get others to try food that is friendly for vegan brownies, yum!