Fundraising Pack

It’s time to fundraise for Allergy UK

Thank you so much for choosing to support us. Whether you’re new to fundraising or a seasoned pro, we’re so happy you’re thinking about joining Team Allergy UK.

Allergies can have an impact on every area of your life – eating, clothing, travel, relationships, education, employment. The number of people affected by allergy in the UK is steadily growing and the need for reliable information and support is becoming more and more urgent.

Allergy UK provides advice and support to people living with allergic disease. We’re working to raise awareness of allergies and to make sure that everyone with allergy receives the best possible care and support.

What’s inside

  1. Who are Allergy UK: What we do and how we help people living with allergy
  2. Fundraising ideas: Lots of ways you can raise money and help people with allergy
  3. Keeping things safe and legal: Important things to consider when planning your activities
  4. Collecting donations: How to collect online and cash donations for your fundraising
  5. Paying in donations: How to pay your donations to Allergy UK

We’ve also included some extra resources to help with your fundraising event. These include:

  • Bunting template
  • Sponsorship form
  • Activity templates
  • Press release template

1 in 5 people in the UK live with one or more allergic disorders

Allergy UK is the leading UK national patient charity providing information, advice and support to both people affected by allergy and healthcare professionals. Our Helpline is just one of the ways we support people living with allergy. Our Helpline advisors provide information and support to the millions of people across the UK living with allergic disease through calls, web chat or email. Our website also provides people with free information, advice and the latest developments in the world of allergy.

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Helpling people living with Allergic Disease

It is estimated that 21 million people in the UK live with allergic disease. But there remains a huge gap in healthcare services for those affected by this disease of the immune system. Our aim is to raise the profile of allergy at all levels, with a vision for everyone affected by allergy to receive the best possible care and support.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your very supportive advice you gave me when I called the Helpline last week, and also for referring us so promptly to have an appointment with a paediatric dietitian (and for passing on thorough background details of our situation).

Ideas for our younger fundraisers

  1. Creative competition: Unleash your artistic side for Allergy UK. The best drawing will receive a prize.
  2. Bouncy castle celebration: Have a bouncy castle celebration and ask guests to pay a donation to Allergy UK.
  3. Sports tournament: Choose your favourite sport, set up teams and see who wins.
  4. Quiz: Fancy a quiz? Think up a list of questions, set up teams and start quizzing.
  5. Battle of the bands: Into your music? Why not set up a battle of the bands competition at your school and pay a donation to Allergy UK to enter.
  6. Rubix Cube Challenge: Think it’s easy? Pay 20p to have a go and challenge your friends to see who can do it the quickest.
  7. Comedy Club: See yourself as the school clown? Set up a comedy club at your school, invite your schoolmates and have a laugh.
  8. Bake sale: Cook up some tasty treats, sell them at school and send the profits to Allergy UK.
  9. Allergy Hero day: Help people with allergies, by dressing as your hero for a day.
  10. Birthday party: Have a birthday party for Allergy UK. Ask your guests to donate to Allergy UK.
  11. Gaming: Take on your friends on whatever console or multi-player game suits you.
  12. Quidditch event: Try something new and give Quidditch a go
  13. Sponsored silence: See how long you can stay silent at school and challenge your friends to beat your time spent silent.

Fundraising ideas for universities

  1. Varsity: Organise a bucket collection for half time in your varsity games.
  2. Fancy dress pub crawl: Pay a donation to enter and a percentage of the money could go to the best dressed.
  3. Guess the baby: Could you spot your lecturer as a baby? Pay to enter with a prize for the winner.
  4. Sumo wrestling: Hire out some sumo suits and set up a battle in the middle of campus.
  5. Balance a 20p on a lemon: Get a glass bowl and fill it with water. Put a lemon in it and see if you can balance your 20p on top. Any fallen 20p coins get donated.
  6. Come dine with me: Take it in turns to host a dinner party with mates and vote for the best chef. Ask people to donate the cost of the ingredients.
  7. Waxing: Liven up your week by watching your SU officers or tutors get waxed for charity.
  8. Charity calendars: Get creative with a camera and make a themed calendar to sell.
  9. Karaoke: Play your favourite tunes at the SU bar and sing along. Donate to enter.
  10. Sports tournament: Football, basketball, rugby… arrange a sports tournament and see who comes out on top.
  11. Jailbreak: Take part in a jailbreak and see how far away you can get from the start point. Donate to enter.
  12. Bubble football: Get some bubble suits and crash about in them on campus.
  13. Stand up comedy: Looking for some laughs or want to have a go at some stand-up? Set up a comedy night at the SU bar

We had this call yesterday evening and found it extremely helpful. We’re now feeling much more knowledgeable about the food allergy situation with our baby son and really appreciate the help by Allergy UK (we had been left feeling very confused and anxious after being told by our GP there was no help with allergies where there is no anaphylaxis reaction). We have found Allergy UK Helpline to be a brilliant service, thank you again!

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