Top Tips for Managing Asthma Poster

Asthma is a common condition which affects the lungs and having asthma makes you more likely to have difficulty breathing or asthma attacks when you come into contact with your trigger irritant or allergen.

Symptoms of asthma can include: cough, a tight feeling in the chest, wheeze (whistling sound when breathing and breathlessness

Triggers can include: exercise, smoking, house dust mite allergy, infections, animals and pets, pollen, pollution, mould, foods, cold air, stress and medicines.


Treatments for asthma include:

Preventer inhaler:

Every person with asthma needs to use a preventer inhaler to reduce the inflammation in the airway. They need to be used daily to build up protection in the airways.

Reliever inhaler:

Reliever inhalers should be taken when you have symptoms of cough, wheeze, chest tightness or difficulty with breathing. They usually provide relief within a few minutes.


Spacers help deliver the medication into the airway to make it work better.

If hay fever or allergic rhinitis makes your asthma worse you may also need:

Corticosteroid nasal spray

Nasal sprays can be very effective for reducing the ‘stuffy nose’ feeling of allergic rhinitis and hayfever.


Antihistamines can help to reduce itch and runny nose associated with allergic rhinitis and hay fever.

Speak to your pharmacist or healthcare professional if you are not sure which products are suitable for you.

Caution – Asthma symptoms can be severe, requiring urgent medical help. If you suspect you have symptoms of asthma or your asthma is worsening, it is important to speak to a healthcare professional to receive the right care and treatment

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