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Sealy is the world’s number one bed brand and has been steadily growing for over 100 years. Sealy UK is a reputable bed manufacturer situated in Aspatria, Cumbria and are part of the Silentnight group and operate under licence from Sealy Inc. in the United States. Producing some of the very best and innovative products from their location in Aspatria, Sealy UK employ just over 330 people and make 3500 beds and mattresses per week on average. It is their strong focus on continuous innovation and excellent customer service that upholds their excellent reputation across the UK and around the world.

Is sleep the best medicine?

Recent research by Sealy UK has revealed people in the UK are waking up feeling tired most of the time and it’s having a drastic effect on our health.

People are waking up feeling tired four days every week, with 84% reporting this has made them more susceptible to illnesses, the most common being migraines, flu and depression.

However, it appears sleep could indeed be ‘the best medicine’, as 40% claimed they had seen improvement in headaches, 26% felt better after a cold and 23% felt their anxiety lessen, after a good night’s rest.

So, what’s causing this lack of sleep? Nearly half of all age groups regularly use electronic devices in bed, eating sugary or fatty foods and drinking alcohol and caffeine within three hours of bedtime also to blame.

To help the nation get a healthier night’s sleep, Sealy have teamed up with Dr Sarah Jarvis. Dr Sarah has over 28 years’ experience working as a GP in the NHS, qualifying as a medical doctor at the University of Oxford in 1986. She appears regularly on television and radio to comment on health stories. She has been the doctor to The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 for 17 years and has authored several books on the topics of health and medicine.

Dr Sarah explained: “Poor sleep can have a huge knock-on effect on mood, wellbeing, concentration and even your physical health. There is really good evidence that electronic devices can affect your sleep, while caffeine makes you more alert and alcohol affects the quality of your sleep, even if you drop off quickly. Having a quiet, comfortable sleeping environment with a comfortable mattress and no ticking clocks, beeping mobiles or glowing lights can make a huge difference to your ‘sleep hygiene’.”

For tips from Sealy and Dr Sarah Jarvis on how to get a healthy night’s sleep, go to

Sealy’s biggest launch in Bensons for Beds for a decade

Sealy UK will be launching The Sanctuary Collection at Bensons for Beds, featuring four brand new models: Haven, Senses, Oasis, and Spa.

The first major relaunch with Bensons for Beds in a decade, the new collection is designed to promote fresh, healthy sleep and features exclusive Quantum Edge technology.

This new innovation delivers a consistent and supportive sleep surface by utilising a spring system that is more responsive to body movements, providing a tailored sleep surface that is just right for your body. The Quantum Edge technology also absorbs partner movement and provides better edge to edge support to reduce that “roll-off” feeling.

Not only this, the collection is designed to be inherently breathable, through its use of Innergetic Latex, which delivers a clean and cool sleeping environment and provides pressure relief.

The Sanctuary Collection features a mixture of Purotex and Tencel fibres, which act as an active bed cleaner and combat allergen in the mattress. Purotex fibres are endorsed by Allergy UK for their ability to clean up allergens and create the perfect clean and healthy sleep environment.

Neil Robinson, Sales and Marketing Director at Sealy UK said: “We’re thrilled to announce our new collection with Bensons for Beds. We truly believe every bedroom should be a sleep haven - a place where you can enjoy a blissful, rejuvenating sleep every night, and this begins with your mattress.”

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