Surcare products have been specifically developed with sensitive skin in mind and don’t contain unnecessary ingredients that could irritate skin – no enzymes, dyes, acids or perfumes. The products are dermatologically tested and approved and are suitable for allergy sufferers as they have been formulated to reduce exposure to allergens*.

*Perfume Allergens as defined by Detergents Regulation 648/2004 and all subsequent amendments

“Whilst our Allergy Friendly and Seal of Approval products are very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, Allergy UK advises that you always wear protective gloves when using cleaning products so as to avoid direct contact with your skin, particularly if your skin is extremely sensitive.”

Product Range:
Washing Powder
Super-Concentrated Laundry Liquid
Washing up Liquid
Laundry Capsules

  • Specially formulated to be kinder to sensitive skin, Surcare products are not only gentle but give an outstanding cleaning performance each and every time
  • All Surcare products are independently dermatologically tested and approved
  • Surcare’s range of laundry and washing up products outlined below have all received Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval

Surcare Washing Up Liquid
With our hands exposed to the elements daily, it can be easy for skin to dry out and become irritated. With no added perfumes or dyes. Surcare Washing Up Liquid is perfect for those looking for a washing up liquid that delivers great cleaning performance whilst being suitable for sensitive skin.

Surcare Non-Biological Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid
Like other Non-Biological liquids Surcare Non-Biological Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid doesn’t contain enzymes which could irritate skin. However, the Surcare product goes one step further and doesn’t contain dyes, acids, perfumes or any other unnecessary ingredients. That means you can rest assured that it is suitable for sensitive skin whilst still delivering outstanding cleaning performance at just 30ºC.

Surcare Non-Biological Washing Powder
Containing no enzymes, Surcare Non-Biological Washing Powder will still give you the outstanding cleaning results you expect at just 30oC whilst still being kinder to sensitive skin. And because the product does not contain any dyes, acids or perfumes which can be found in other non-biological powders you can trust it to be kinder on sensitive skin.

Surcare Non-Biological Laundry Capsules
Surcare Non-Biological Laundry Capsules are simple to use as they already come pre-dosed and ready to put in the wash.  Like other non-biological detergents Surcare Non-Biological Laundry Capsules don’t contain enzymes. However, unlike these, the Surcare product also doesn’t contain dyes, acids, perfumes or any other unnecessary ingredients that could irritate skin, whilst still delivering outstanding cleaning results at just 30ºC.