Samsung SC21F50 series Vacuum Cleaner (Bagged)

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F500G is powerful bagless vacuum cleaner while it maintains extreme suction power for a long time. It has 450W powerful suction motor, and it adapts cyclone force to keep high suction power much longer than conventional.

People whom are allergic to allergens should wear protective items when emptying a vacuum cleaner, such as a face mask and gloves, to reduce their exposure to allergens. We also recommend that vacuum cleaner bags are carefully removed outside, to avoid dispersal of allergens back into the indoor environment.

Extreme suction power: Surprisingly powerful
Extreme Suction Power comes from powerful motor and pick-up brush that adheres to floor nicely and perfectly sucks dust by diffusing pressure evenly over the brush

Cyclone Force: Maintains suction power
Cyclone Force ensures extreme suction for a long time. It generates a strong centrifugal force that circulates dust particles through the inner chamber. Dirt and debris are then separated from the air and sieved into the outer chamber. As a result, dust free air goes out and it keeps the filter clean, which helps prevent clogging. So it maintains suction power for a long time

Endorsed Model No’s:
SC21F50H* – Worldwide
SC21F50V* – Worldwide
SC07F50H* – Worldwide
SC07F50V* – Worldwide
VC33F50LH** – Korea
SC18F50H* – China
SC18F50V* – China
SC15F50H* – Worldwide
SC15F50V* – Worldwide
SC15F50U* – Worldwide
SC19F50** – Middle East
SC**K51**** – Worldwide
VC**K51**** – Korea

* The first asterisk “*” represents “0-9” or “A-Z” according to cosmetic design and buyer’s designation