OSIM uAlpine Smart 2

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Designed with the ultimate air purification in mind, uAlpine Smart 2 combines 6 potent types of air purification methods into 1 to thoroughly and completely clean the air.

Through the 6-Stage High Efficiency Air Purification Process, uAlpine Smart 2 can capture 99.98% of particles as small as PM0.3, kill microbes and neutralize gases, effectively protecting you and your family from harmful pollutants.

With the OSIM Well-Being App, you can control and monitor air quality at the palm of your hand. Simply power on, adjust settings, set schedule and more for a healthier and cleaner home.

6 High Efficiency Air Purification Process that includes Fine Mesh Filter, Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, H13 Grade HEPA Filter, UV-C Light and Negative Ion Technology.

Indoor air pollutants can cause immediate effects such as irritation, dizziness and asthma, and even long term effects such as respiratory diseases and even cancer. Invisible and harmful pollutants at home can greatly compromise indoor air quality and cause negative health impacts.

With testing conducted by third party labs, uAlpine Smart 2 has been tested to filter 99.98% of particles as small as PM0.3, removing particulates, viruses, bacteria, gases & chemicals.

6-Stage High Efficiency Air Purification Process

  1. Fine Mesh Filter
    Capture larger particulates like dust, hair, lint and fur
  2. Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Filter
    Kill Bacteria and microbes like viruses, fungi and spores
  3. Activated Carbon Filter
    Adsorb and trap gaseous pollutants like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Formaldehyde, Odor and Smoke
  4. H13 Grade HEPA Filter
    Remove 99.98% of particles as small as PM0.3
  5. UV-C Light
    Kill airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria and viruses
  6. Negative Ion Technology
    Breakdown and inactivate airborne microbes such as bacteria and viruses


Particulate: 448.6m³h
Formaldehyde: 136.6 m³h
Smoke: 759.6 m³h
Pollen: 774 m³h

Other features

  • Effective purify air for room size up to 54m²
  • Full product control via Well-Being App
  • Monitor air quality in real-time
  • Customizable scheduling function
  • Fan speed and timer adjustments
  • Child lock function