Nilfisk Elite Energy Classic UK Cylinder Vacuum (Bagged)

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The Nilfisk Elite is the perfect vacuum cleaner when you need strong suction, excellent filtration and user-friendly features. Very good machine features like the handle with remote control enables you to switch the machine on/off and adjust the suction level directly at the handle. The Nilfisk Elite is available in 3 different Energy ratings.

People whom are allergic to allergens should wear protective items when emptying a vacuum cleaner, such as a face mask and gloves, to reduce their exposure to allergens. We also recommend that vacuum cleaner bags are carefully removed outside, to avoid dispersal of allergens back into the indoor environment.

Endorsed Model No’s:

A trend we experience today is unfortunately that many households suffer from one or several kinds of allergies and that is something we have taken to heart. With the Nilfisk Elite we pick up dirty air into the vacuum cleaner and with outstanding filtration, we exhaust clean air back out. Therefore not only cleaning our floors but the air we breathe as well.

At Nilfisk we can ensure that your needs are met because we concentrate on making excellent vacuum cleaners. We believe in focusing on being the cleaning expert, and doing it well. So whether you have just moved from home, have a large family, are young or old, Nilfisk has the perfect solution for you.

The Nilfisk Elite series have been endorsed by The British Allergy Foundation with the ‘Seal of Approval’ for: House Dust Mite, Cat Allergen, Dog Allergen and Pollen.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter:

The HEPA filter should be positioned after the motor to ensure that the exhaust fan is releasing clean air
The HEPA filter component and vacuum cleaner needs to be completely sealed so that contaminated air cannot be released into the environment. Nilfisk calls this an airtight construction
A vacuum cleaner with a good HEPA filter is a bit more expensive than regular vacuum cleaners, but is a good investment for anyone who cares about the quality of their home environment.

Nilfisk Elite is designed to be durable, while at the same time making cleaning easy and ergonomically efficient.

High dust pickup: A strong motor and a well-designed construction result in market leading dust pick up
Allergy filtration: Ultra dust bag, airtight construction, and HEPA H14 filter stops even the tiniest particles, animal hairs, dust mites, their droppings. All Nilfisk Elite models feature this as standard
Probably the best filtration in the world for household vac.’s
Endorsed by The British Allergy Foundation
Handle with remote control ensures on/off and adjustment of suction level directly at the handle
Silent: 68 dB(A) is very low for household vacuums
5 years guarantee: The machine is built to last and last