LG Top Loader Washing Machine

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LG’s New Innovative Hygienic Washer provides better washing performance, hygiene, and convenience with 6 motion DD, Inverter DD Motor, Heater, Tub Clean +, Full stainless steel Tub and Cutting-edge design.

Once washing program is selected depending on fabric types, 6 Motion DD combines optimized motions and delivers better washing performance with less damage.

Warm water can dissolve detergent more easily and increase the washing performance. Heater located below the inner tub increase water temperature up to 40~60°. So it can wash allergens and hard stains much cleaner than in cold water.

LG washing machine with Full Stainless Steel Tub is more effective to control bacteria growth than conventional plastic tub washer. Hygienic tub results in hygienic wash.

Wash off dirt and germs from tub with hot water 60? hot water with rotating water removes dirt and germs thoroughly in any corner of the washing machine and cleans even invisible part of the inner tub.

Endorsed Model No’s:

WFS**39EPD – Panama / Colombia / Mexico / Costa Rica
Dominican Republic /Ecuador / Venezuela/Guatemala /El Salvador / Honduras Nicaragua /Jamaica / Trinidad /Tobago/ Barbados / Puerto Rico
WF-SA12HD6 – Indonesia
WF-D1217HD – Vietnam
T**32AFCSP* – India
T**32AFPSP* – Middle East / South Africa / Latin America
TS**04DPH – Chile
WF-HX120GV – Malaysia
WT-G7556 – Australia
TS**00DPS – Peru
T4632V0Z.AKOR – Korea
WT-SD173HVG, WT-SD153HVG – Taiwan
WFS**39EKD – Panama /Colombia / Mexico / Costa Rica / Dominican Republic Ecuador / Venezuela / Guatemala/ El Salvador / Honduras Nicaragua / Jamaica Trinidad / Tobago / Barbados / Puerto Rico
WT-S1785TH – Thailand
WT-S1585TH – Thailand
WF-SA17HD6 – Indonesia
WF-SA15HD6 – Indonesia
WF-D1717HD – Vietnam
WF-D1517HD – Vietnam
T**32AFCS* – India
T**32AFPS* – Middle East / South Africa / Latin America
TS1804DPH – Chile
T1632AFFH5 – Saudi
WFT1771DD – Singapore
WFT1471DD – Singapore
WF-HX170GV – Malaysia
WF-HX140GV – Malaysia
WT-G9556 – Australia
WT-G8556 – Australia
WF-S170V – Philippine
WF-S150V – Philippine
T4942V0Z.AKOR – Korea
WT-SD193HVG – Taiwan
WFS2139EKD – Panama / Colombia
WFS2139EKD – Mexico
WT-S2085TH – Thailand
WF-SA20HD6 – Indonesia
WF-D2017HD – Vietnam
TS2104DPH – Chile
WF-HX200GV – Malaysia
TS2100DPS – Peru
T1328AF*S* – Middle East
WTG16032*H (*: Colour) – Australia
TS16*C1 (*: Colour) – Korea
TS19*D1 (*: Colour) – Korea