LG AeroTower

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  • Air Puryfing Fan / Warmer Combo
  • H13 HEPA Filtration
  • PM 1.0 Sensor & Smart Indicator
  • Smart Indicator

Design that blends into your interior
Change the space according to your taste with the elegant design in the shape of a natural canyon and 6 trendy colors.

 All four seasons
On days when the indoor air is bad or ventilation is difficult, use a comfortable clean mode. Air Guard spreads clean air to the top It makes the air in the house cleaner.
If the room temperature is lower than the target temperature, warm air adds warmth to the space.

Size (mm) W * H * D : 265 * 265 * 1120 (Product)

Weight (Net)              : 12.5 Kg

Air purifier filter         : H13(1A) (99%)

Operation Noise (dB)  : 23dB(Min) ~ 52dB(Max)

Fan Speed                      : 12 Steps