LACS 1 Aura / LACG-2 Hera

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A new generation of HEPA-AKTIV filtration system

The Vorwerk HEPA-AKTIV system combines the advantages of HEPA grade and negative ion adsorption. The main filter is interwoven with millions of ultra-fine polypropylene fibres, and the filtering effect on 0.1µm particles is over 99.97%.

Innovative LCD WaveTouch®

The new WaveTouch® developed by professional technology can switch the main unit with only gestures, and the operation is simple and hygienic

Three-dimensional circulating air

Unique 360° air intake and vortex air outlet design can accelerate indoor air circulation

Automatic air quality detection system

Combining the advantages of HEPA grade and ionization adsorption to achieve high-efficiency air filtration, it can effectively combat the threat of PM2.5 and keep indoor air fresh.

Weight – 13 (kg)

Size – 610(H) X 380(W) (mm)

CADR – 136~765 (m³/h)

Power – 25~110W / 110v, 60Hz