Koh Universal Cleaner

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The Koh Universal Cleaner is an asthma and allergy friendly cleaning solution that removes the need for toxic fumes and harsh chemicals in the home. One powerful cleaning solution that does the job of twenty and tackles dirt, grease and grime on every household surface including benches, stovetops, ovens, bathrooms, tiles, glass, floors and more.

“Koh Universal Cleaner has no fumes or fragrances however for enclosed spaces, we recommend to spray at arms length and then step away and allow particles to settle.”

“Whilst our Allergy Friendly and Seal of Approval products are very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, Allergy UK advises that you always wear protective gloves when using cleaning products so as to avoid direct contact with your skin, particularly if your skin is extremely sensitive.”

Koh Universal Cleaner

Replace up to twenty common household cleaning products with Koh’s Universal Cleaner. Specially formulated by Dr Leigh Aldous (King’s College / UNSW) to effectively clean without harsh chemicals. Koh Universal Cleaner’s ionic formulation of naturally occurring potassium mineral salts and purified water is the preferred choice for those living with asthma, allergies and skin irritation and those who simply want better cleaning results.