JIMMY bed cleaner B505/506/703 series

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This bed cleaner is designed to remove dust, dust mite, dust mite allergen from bed, sofa and mattress. It is a vacuum cleaner with an electric brushroll and UV-C light. The electric brushroll beats up dust, dust mite and dust mite allergen from bed and delivers them into dirt cup. The UV-C light kills bacteria when the machine moves .

Endorsed product ranges are:

  • B505 Pro, B506 Pro,
  • B701 Pro, B703Pro,
  • WB55, WB73, WB73 Pro,
  • BX5, BX5 Pro,
  • BX7, BX7 Pro

Input power: 600-700W (variable to different model) Dust cup capacity:0.5L

Not currently available in the UK.