Hotpoint-Ariston Standard Condenser Tumble Dryer

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ANTI ALLERGY ACTION. New Hotpoint/Hotpoint-Ariston Tumble Dryers take care of your laundry guaranteeing you perfect hygiene and outstanding drying results. The special Anti Allergy Cycle provides a deep sterilization of your garments reducing the presence of house dust mite, fung and bacteria. It is an ideal solution to help reducing problems due to allergens.

Endorsed Model No’s & Availability:


AQC9 BF7 I1(UK), AQC9 BF7 E1 (UK), TCUD 97B 6GM (UK), TCUD 97B 6KM (UK), TCUD 97B 6HM (UK), TCUD 97B 6PM (UK), TCFG 87C 6K (UK), TCEL 87B 6A (UK), TCFS 83B GP (UK), TCFS 83B GG (UK), TCFS 73B GK (UK), TCFS 73B GG (UK), TCFS 93B GG (UK), TCFS 93B GP (UK), TCFS 83B GK (UK), TCD SNW 85B EP (UK), TCD NW 85B EG (UK), TCD XT 75B EP (UK), TCF ET 87B 6P (UK), TCFS 73B GP (UK) – UK


TCD 93B 6H/Z1 (EU), TCD 83B 6H/Z (EU), TCD 83B 6K/Z (EU), TCF 87B 6H (EU), TCL 87B P (EU), TCD 97B 6H (EU), AQC9 BF7 T (EU), TCD 77B 6H (EU), TCD 97B 6HY/N (EU), TCF 87B 6PY1 (EU), TCF 87B 6HY/N (EU), TCS 73B GP (EU), TCD 97B 6PA (SK), TCF 77B P (EU), TCD 87 B 6K (EU), TCF 97B 6HY (EU) – Europe

AQC9 BF5 T/Z1 (FR), AQC8 BF7 T1/ (FR), TCS 83B GH (FR), TCS 83B P (FR), TCS 93B P (FR), TCS 93B GH (FR) – France

TCF 97C 6H1 (AG), TCF 97B 6H1 (EX), TCF 97B 6XX1 (EX), TCF 87B 6H1 (AUS), TCF 97B 6S1 (EX), AQC9 CF7 T1 (EX) 60, AQC9 BF7 S1 (EX), AQC9 BF7 T1 (EX), AQC9 BF7 T1 (AG), AQC9 BF7 T1 (AUS) – International

TCL 73B 6P/Z (IT) – Italy