Hitachi Washing Machine ‘Auto Self Clean’ Series

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Day after day, dirt, such as sebum, detergent residue, bacteria and black mould spores, gradually accumulates inside of your washing machine.

When doing your laundry, a shower of clean water cleans washing tubs. Also the blades rotate to powerfully agitate water and clean off dirt.

Auto Self Clean – a washing machine that automatically cleans itself!

Why not prevent dirt becoming attached from the beginning? Once the dirt becomes attached to the tub, it’s very difficult to clean. The only solution is troublesome cleaning with a special cleaner, and even then stubborn dirt is exceptionally hard to remove.

When doing your normal laundry, just switch the Auto Self Clean setting on, and after rinsing, it automatically starts operating before the final spin. Clean water washes away dirt from the outside and bottom of the stainless steel tub and the inside and bottom of the outer tub. Easy & clean!

Allergy UK considers that this product will, in proper use, reduce exposure to Fungi and Bacteria Reduction in Auto Self Clean Mode.