Hitachi Front Loading Washing Machine

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Dirt, such as sebum, detergent residue, bacteria and black mould spores, gradually accumulates in places you can’t see.

Hitachi’s ‘Auto Self Clean’ washing machine automatically cleans the entire tub by clean water at the bottom of the outer tub is pushed up when before the final spin.

Endorsed Range:

BD-SX115CJ – 11.5kg

BD-SV100KC – 10.0kg

BD-SG90KC – 9.0kg

BD-SG100CJ – 10.0kg

BD-SG110CJ – 11.0kg

BD-NX100GC – 10.0kg

BD-NX110AHJ – 11.0kg

BD-NX125BHJ – 12.5kg

BD-NX125BJ – 12.5kg

BD-SG100AJ – 10.0kg

BD-NX100GHC – 10.0kg

BD-NX125EH – 12.5kg

BD-NV125EH – 12.5kg

BD-SV115EJ – 11.5kg

BD-NX100EHC – 10.0kg

BD-NX100EC – 10.0kg

BD-NV110EHJ – 11.0 kg