Bokuk ECO MONO Electronic Blanket

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We now became a global brand by being nominated as the ‘best product’ by prominent media and consumer report.

Soft Microfiber Material Employed to Prevent Dust Mites and Preserve Heat. Microfiber material (1/77 of thickness of a human hair) prevents penetration of dust mites and Preserves heat for a long time.

Is endorsed with Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval.

Helps people with skin reactions (e.g. Eczema) by reducing the present of House Dust Mites.

Machine washable, Dusts could be easily removed by water-washing as the high frequency compression technology prevents twisting of internal heating wires.

No Anxiety over Electromagnetic Wave, With EMF Certification, Bokuk Electric Blanket is Electromagnetic lower than standard. As it employed aluminium shield and special heating wires that could block Electromagnetic Wave.

Endorsed Model No’s:

BK-B4206D – Eco Green
BK-B4210D – Eco Healing
BK-F3752D – Eco Mono

Electric Under Blanket Range:

Microfiber Blanket
BKB-6684M (size 50*170, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6603S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6603D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6606S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6606D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6671SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6672SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6673SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6513S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6513D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5571SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5571S (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5572SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5572S (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5573SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5573S (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5574SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5574S (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5575SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5575S (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5576SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5576S (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5501S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5501D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5502S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5502D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5503S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5503D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5504S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5504D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5505S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5505D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5506S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5506D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5507S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5507D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5202S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5202D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5204S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5204D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B4203S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B4204D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3713S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3714D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-3700K (size 160*200, Thermostat 291ME)

Polyester Blanket
BKB-7681M (size 50*170, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7682M (size 50*170, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7613S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7613D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7614S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7614D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7651K (size 180*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7661Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7662Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6101S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6101D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6102S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6102D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6103S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6103D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6105S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6105D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6601S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-6601D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-6602S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-6602D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-6683M (size 50*170, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6681M (size 50*170, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6678S (size 70*150, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6679S (size 70*150, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6408D (size 140*150, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6409D (size 140*150, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-5286M (size 50*170, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5602S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5602D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5603S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5603D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5604S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5604D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5605S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5605D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5281M (size 50*170, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5282M (size 50*170, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5283M (size 50*170, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5102S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-5102D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-B4301S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101PN)
BK-B4302D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101PN)
BK-12B639S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-12B640D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-B3825S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101PN)
BK-B3826D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101PN)
HPB-4179 (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
HPB-4379 (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)

Cotton, Polyester Blanket

BKB-7101S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7101D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7102S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7102D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7103S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7103D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7104S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7104D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7105S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7105D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7106S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7106D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-7601S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7601D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7602S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7602D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7603S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7603D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7604S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7604D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7605S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7605D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7606S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7606D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7607S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7607D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7608S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7608D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7609S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7609D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7610S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7610D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7615S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7615D (size 140*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7611S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7612S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7616S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7616D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6651K (size 180*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6652K (size 180*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7501S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7501D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7502S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7502D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7504S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7504D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7505S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7505D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7506S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7506D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7561Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7415D (size 140*180, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-7461Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-7462Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-7463Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6104S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6104D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6102S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6102D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6103S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6103D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6105S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6105D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6107S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6107D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6108S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6108D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6109S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6109D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6106S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6106D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6107S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6107D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6108S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6108D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6604S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-6604D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-6685M (size 50*170, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6686M (size 50*170, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6682M (size 50*170, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6607S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6607D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BK-B3721SN (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BK-B3722DN (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BK-3721SN (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BK-3722DN (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6610S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6610D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6609S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6609D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6611S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6611D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5201SN (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5201DN (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5203S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5203D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-6608S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6608D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6612S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6612D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6661Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6662Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6663Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6664Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6502S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6502D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6619S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6619D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6503S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6503D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6620S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6620D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6401D (size 135*180, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6461Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6462Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6463Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6464Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6465Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6466Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-5284M (size 50*170, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5285M (size 50*170, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5601S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5601D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKB-5101S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-5101D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-5103S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-5103D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-5104S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-5104D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-5105S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-5105D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-5261Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5253K (size 180*200, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B5206S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B5206D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B5207S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B5207D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B5208S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B5208D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-12B605S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-12B606D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-9012B (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-9032B (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-B3711S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3712D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3721S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3722D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B4209S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B4210D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B4211S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B4212D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3720D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3738Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3732Q (size 160*200, Thermostat 291ME)

Cotton Blanket
BKB-7503S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-7503D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BK-B3723S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3724D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BK-B3215S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-B3216D (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-A219B (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-A239B (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6109S (size 100*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6109D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6680S (size 70*150, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6605S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6605D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6613S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6613D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6501S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6501D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6618S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6618D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6511S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6511D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-5205S (size 100*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5205D (size 135*180, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-6512S (size 100*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6512D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKB-6402D (size 135*180, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6403D (size 135*180, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6410D (size 140*150, Thermostat 164ME)

Artificial Leather Mat

BKM-7671SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7672SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7673SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7641S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7642S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7643S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7645S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7441D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKM-7442D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKM-7443D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKM-7445D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKM-5541S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-5541D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-5542S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-5542D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-5543S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-5543D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-5531S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-5531D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-5532S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-5532D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-5533S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-5533D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7541S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7541D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7542S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-7542D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-5131S (size 90*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-5131D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-5132S (size 90*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-5132D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-5133S (size 90*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-5133D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-F3251S (size 90*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-F3252D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-6131S (size 90*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-6131D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-6132S (size 90*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-6132D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKB-6133S (size 90*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-6133D (size 135*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKF-5631S (size 90*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKF-5631D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKF-5632S (size 90*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKF-5632D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKF-5633S (size 90*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKF-5633D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKF-6631S (size 90*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKF-6631D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151MK)
BKF-6632S (size 90*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-6632D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-6633S (size 90*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-6633D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-7631S (size 90*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-7631D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-7632S (size 90*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKF-7632D (size 135*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6191BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6192BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6193BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5191BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5192BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5193BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5194BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-M3672BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5171SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5172SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5173SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5181M (size 50*170, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5182M (size 50*170, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5183M (size 50*170, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5184M (size 50*170, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-12M681SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6173SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6171SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6172SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-A22S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-A22D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6141S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6141D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6142S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6142D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6143S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6143D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-6671SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6672SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6673SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6674SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6445D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKM-6641S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6641D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6642S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6642D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6643S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6643D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6644S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6644D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6645S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6646S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6541S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6541D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6542S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6542D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6543S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6543D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6544S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6544D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6441D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKM-6442D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKB-6443D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKM-6444D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKM-6446D (size 140*200, Thermostat 164ME)
BKM-5141S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5141D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5142S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5142D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5143S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5143D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5144S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5144D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5145S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5145D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5146S (size 100*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5146D (size 140*200, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5641S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5641D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5642S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5642D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5643S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5643D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5644S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5644D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5645S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5645D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5646S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5646D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5647S (size 100*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5647D (size 140*200, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-5241S (size 100*200, Thermostat 291ME)
BKM-5441D (size 140*200, Thermostat 125ME)
BK-M3761SM (size 70*180, Thermostat 291MK)
BKM-5242S (size 100*200, Thermostat 291ME)
BKM-5442D (size 140*200, Thermostat 125ME)
BKC-5701S (size 45*45, Thermostat 112DN)
BK-M4275SD (size 145*145, Thermostat 291ME)
BKB-5441D (size 140*200, Thermostat 125ME)
BKC-5702S (size 45*45, Thermostat 112DN)
BKC-5703S (size 45*45, Thermostat 112DN)
BK-C3671S (size 45*45, Thermostat 112DN)
BK-12M611BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BK-M4172BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-3672BM (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)
BKM-5191M (size 50*135, Thermostat 101ZN)

Monoryum Fibre Mat
BKM-6649S (size 100*183, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6649D (size 140*183, Thermostat 151ME)
GOLD-2400 (size 183*250, Thermostat GC-17)
GOLD-2300 (size 183*230, Thermostat GC-17)
BKM-6675SM (size 70*183, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-6676SM (size 70*183, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6677SM (size 70*183, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-6648S (size 100*183, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-6648D (size 140*183, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-6649S (size 100*183, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6649D (size 140*183, Thermostat 151ME)
BKM-6650S (size 100*183, Thermostat 151MK)
BKM-6650D (size 140*183, Thermostat 151MK)
NZM-C305M (size 70*183, Thermostat 291MK)
NZM-305S (size 100*183, Thermostat 291MK)
NZM-305D (size 140*183, Thermostat 291MK)
NZM-C306M (size 70*183, Thermostat 291MK)
NZM-306S (size 100*183, Thermostat 291MK)
NZM-306D (size 140*183, Thermostat 291MK)
HEM-A151M (size 70*183, Thermostat 291MK)
HEM-A151S (size 100*183, Thermostat 291MK)
HEM-A151D (size 140*183, Thermostat 291MK)
NZP-034A (size 183*230, Thermostat 603MK)

WellSpa Water Heated Mattress Range:

Microfiber Mat
BKW-5901S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5901D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5902S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5902D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5903S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5903D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5904S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5904D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5905S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5905D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5906S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5906D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5907S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5907D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5908S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5908D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5909S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5909D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5910S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-5910D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BK-W3026D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BK-W4501S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BK-W4502D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
HHW-B1412S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1410)
HHW-B1412D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1410)

Artificial Leather Mat
HHW-B1415D (size 150*200, Thermostat B1410)

Monoryum Fibre Mat

BK-W4508D (size 140*200, Thermostat B1400)
HHW-B1420S (size 100*200, Thermostat B1420)
HHW-B1420D (size 150*200, Thermostat B1420)
HHW-B1420MD (size 150*200, Thermostat B1420)
HHW-C1420MS (size 100*183, Thermostat B1420)
HHW-C1420MD (size 150*183, Thermostat B1420)
HHW-B1420Q (size 183*230, Thermostat B1420)

Polyester Mat

BKW-6801S (size 100*180, Thermostat B1610)
BKW-6802D (size 150*180, Thermostat B1620)
BKW-6805S (size 100*180, Thermostat B1610)
BKW-6806D (size 150*180, Thermostat B1620)
BK-W3021SS (size 100*200, Thermostat B1400)
BK-W3022D (size 145*200, Thermostat B1400)
BKW-6802Q (size 150*180, Thermostat B1620)
BKW-6806Q (size 150*180, Thermostat B1620)

Cotton Mat

BKW-6803S (size 100*180, Thermostat B1610)
BKW-6804D (size 150*180, Thermostat B1620)
BKW-6804Q (size 150*180, Thermostat B1620

NEW Bokuk Electronics Korea 220V Washable Double Electric Blankets.

100% Microfiber Polyester, Machine Wash and Dry, Digital Control with Nine Heat Settings.

15 Hour Auto Shut-Off.