Beko Tumble Dryer

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You can have perfect and hygienic drying results thanks to Hygiene, Hygiene+, Babyprotect+ and Hygienic Drying textile programs.

The program provides a deep sterilization of your laundry killing the presence of House dust mite (HDM Der p 1) and Pollen (Phl p 5).

High level of sterilisation is made available by high temperature.

Endorsed Model Range:

DS9414CX2 Albania; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Croatia; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Serbia; Slovenia

BDP710W       Australia

BDPN904HG  Australia/New Zealand

BDP810W       Australia; New Zealand

BDPN904HW Australia; New Zealand

BDPN802SW  Australia; New Zealand

BDCN802W    Australia; New Zealand

BDCB8020W Australia; New Zealand

BDPB904HW Australia

BDPB802SW Australia

BDPB904HG Australia

BDCB8020W Australia

DR 8744 T       Austria

DPS 7446 W3  Austria

DPY 8510        Austria

DS 7615 PA     Austria

DPY 86070      Austria

DE 8537 PA0  Austria

DPS 7407        Austria

DF7412GA      Belarus; Russian Federation

DS7436RX1C  Belgium

DF7332TX0    Belgium; Netherlands

DF7333TX0    Belgium; Netherlands

DF8421TX0    Belgium; Netherlands

DR8535TX01  Belgium; Netherlands

DS7444CX      Belgium; Netherlands

DR8533TX01  Belgium; Netherlands

DR8534GC01  Belgium; Netherlands

DS8431PX0     Belgium; Netherlands

DS8332TXM1 Belgium; Netherlands

DS8536GX1C1            Belgium; Netherlands

DC7230BX1    Belgium; Netherlands

DC8230A1      Belgium; Netherlands

DCU7230BXT Belgium; Netherlands

DCU7235BXT Belgium; Netherlands

     DCU8233MMT      Belgium; Netherlands

DCU8235BXT Belgium; Netherlands

        DCU9203020BXT    Belgium; Netherlands









DC8230A        BENELUX







B3T68239MG Bulgaria; Hungary; Romania; Serbia

B3T67239       Bulgaria; Hungary; Serbia; Romania

B3T60230       Bulgaria; Serbia; Romania

HPD24414W   Canada; United States of America

DPP 10505 GXMB3    China

DPP 9505 GXSB3       China

EDTH 94225 X           China

DPP 10525 HTSI        China

DPP 11525 STIGMI    China

EDTH 9445 XHT        China

EDTH 94235 XS         China

EDTH 94245 XM        China

DPP 11525 STIGMI    China

DPD 10606 F   China

DPD 10606 FS China

DPD 10606 FM           China

DPD 11606 F   China

DPD 11606 FS China

DPD 11606 FM           China

DPD 12606 F   China

DPD 12606 FS China

DPD 12606 FM           China

DPD 10706 FI China

DPD 10706 FSI           China

DPD 10706 FMI          China

DPD 11706 FI China

DPD 11706 FSI           China

DPD 11706 FMI          China

DPD 12706 FI China

DPD 12706 FSI           China

DPD 12706 FMI          China

DPD 10806 HTFI        China

DPD 10806 HTFSI      China

DPD 10806 HTFMI    China

DPD 11806 HTFI        China

DPD 11806 HTFSI      China

DPD 11806 HTFMI    China

DPD 12806 HTFI        China

DPD 12806 HTFSI      China

DPD 12806 HTFMI    China

EDTH 10620 IFW       China

EDTH 10620 IFS        China

EDTH 10620 IFM       China

EDTH 11620 IFW       China

EDTH 11620 IFS        China

EDTH 11620 IFM       China

EDTH 12620 IFW       China

EDTH 12620 IFS        China

EDTH 12620 IFM       China

EDTH 10685 IFWI     China

EDTH 10685 IFSI       China

EDTH 10685 IFMI     China

EDTH 11685 IFWI     China

EDTH 11685 IFSI       China

EDTH 11685 IFMI     China

EDTH 12685 IFWI     China

EDTH 12685 IFSI       China

EDTH 12685 IFMI     China

EDTH 10690 HIFWI  China

EDTH 10690 HIFSI    China

EDTH 10690 HIFMI   China

EDTH 11690 HIFWI  China

EDTH 11690 HIFSI    China

EDTH 11690 HIFMI   China

EDTH 12690 HIFWI  China

EDTH 12690 HIFSI    China

EDTH 12690 HIFMI   China

TDH 10120 IFRW      China

TDH 10120 IFRS        China

TDH 10120 IFRM       China

TDH 11120 IFRW      China

TDH 11120 IFRS        China

TDH 11120 IFRM       China

TDH 12120 HIF          China

TDH 12120 HIFS        China

TDH 12120 HIFM      China

TDH 10185 IFRWI     China

TDH 10185 IFRSI       China

TDH 10185 IFRMI     China

TDH 11185 IFRWI     China

TDH 11185 IFRSI       China

TDH 11185 IFRMI     China

TDH 12185 HIFI        China

TDH 12185 HIFSI      China

TDH 12185 HIFMI     China

TDH 10190 IFRWI     China

TDH 10190 IFRSI       China

TDH 10190 IFRMI     China

TDH 11190 IFRWI     China

TDH 11190 IFRSI       China

TDH 11190 IFRMI     China

TDH 12190 HIFI        China

TDH 12190 HIFSI      China

TDH 12190 HIFMI     China

EDTH 94225 X           China

EDTH 94235 XS         China

EDTH 94245 XM        China

EDTH 104225 X          China

EDTH 104235 XS        China

EDTH 104245 XM      China

DPP 10525 HTSI2       China

DPP 10525 HTI2         China

DPP 10525 HTMI2     China

DPP 10552 HTI           China

DPP 10552 HTSI        China

DPP 10552 HTMI       China

DPP 11525 STIGI       China

DPP 11525 STIGSI     China

TDH 11355 STRI        China

TDH 11355 STRSI      China

TDH 11355 STRMI    China

DF7414SX      Croatia; Slovenia; Albania; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Serbia

B3T77242CSBC          Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T77242CSBC          Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T77243WCSWC     Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T77249WCSBX      Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T77243CSWC        Czech Republic, Slovakia

B3T78242CSWC        Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T78243WCSWC     Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T78242CSBC          Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T78243CSWC        Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T78249WCSBC      Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T88249WCSBC      Czech Republic, Slovakia

B5T79243CSBC          Czech Republic, Slovakia

DIH7452TA    Czech Republic; Poland; Bulgaria; Romania; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Serbia; Albania; Macedonia; Kosovo

B3T42242       Czech Republic; Romania

B3T41242       Czech Republic; Serbia; Romania

DH8536CSARX          Czech Republic; Slovakia

DH8544CSARX          Czech Republic; Slovakia

FDS7534CSSTRX       Czech Republic; Slovakia

EDS7534CSRX           Czech Republic; Slovakia

XDH8634CSRXDST   Czech Republic; Slovakia

DH8544CSRXST        Czech Republic; Slovakia

DS7534CSRX2 Czech Republic; Slovakia

XDS7534CSDRX        Czech Republic; Slovakia

HDF7434CSRX          Czech Republic; Slovakia

HDF7412CSRX          Czech Republic; Slovakia

FDF7434CSRX           Czech Republic; Slovakia

XDH8634CSRXDST   Czech Republic; Slovakia

DS8512GX      Czech Republic; Slovakia

HDF7439CSSX           Czech Republic; Slovakia

FDH8634CSSTRX      Czech Republic; Slovakia

EDS7539CSTX           Czech Republic; Slovakia

DS7439CSSX  Czech Republic; Slovakia

DPS 7405 G B5           Czech Republic; Slovakia

B5T68252       Czech Republic; Slovakia; Romania

DS7414CX2    Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden

DS9414CX2    Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden

DS9426CX      Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden

DS8514GX      Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden

DS8114CA0    Denmark; Sweden; Norway; Finland

DH7512CA0W France

DM7311GA0WW       France

SLMP07W1    France

BDS7435WS   France

SLMCD072W France

DM7412GA0W           France

BDS8534W     France

DHP73W        France

DS8544CX0W France

DS8312GA1W France

DH8512CA0W France

DSBU8312GA0WW    France

SLBF94W0     France

SLP11WS1      France

SLP84W2        France

DR28446CX0W          France

DSBU8414GA0WW    France

BDS94D7W    France

SLP90AVW0  France

DM7512GA0WW       France

SLMP072W2  France

DS8513PA2W France

DH10412CX0S France

SLP102W3      France

B5T49237W    France

DH11412CX0W          France

B3T49233W    France

B5T48243W    France

B5T410233W  France

DBH8246DGA0WW   France

B3T48230W    France

DCB816W      France

DB7111PA0W France

DCY724B       France

DB7111PA0S  France

SLC07A1        France

SLC09W2       France

DB8112PA0W France

DBBU8112GA0WS     France

DCB816A       France

DU9112GA0WS          France

DCB7114GA0W         France

SLCS09W3     France

DU10112CX0W          France

DBED10GWS France

DS8511PAV    Germany

DE8634RX0    Germany

DS73S2PA      Germany

WDPS72052NG          Germany

DS8433GX0    Germany

DH85T6GXV  Germany

DE744RX1      Germany

DS73S2GX      Germany

DS843F3G0    Germany

WDPS742GS  Germany

DE7043RX      Germany

DHC7512GX  Germany

DHC742GXS  Germany

DHC946GX    Germany

DE8544RX2    Germany

DS852GAV     Germany

EX856GX       Germany

DE8546RX      Germany

B5T4824IF      Germany

DCU7330N1    Germany

B3T41239       Germany

B5T62243W    Germany

B5T62243W    Germany

B3T42239       Germany

DS 8440 SXM  Hungary; Bulgaria; Croatia; Slovenia; Albania; Kosovo; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Serbia; Macedonia; Montenegro; Jordan; Morocco; Tunisia; Libya; Senegal; Ivory Coast; Guinea; Mauritania; Romania

DS 8440 SXW Hungary; Bulgaria; Ukraine; Romania; Albania; Kosovo; Serbia; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Montenegro; Macedonia; Slovenia; Croatia

DF 7439 SX     Hungary; Czech Republic; Serbia; Romania; Ukraine; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Croatia; Slovenia; Bulgaria; Morocco; Tunisia; Libya; Senegal; Ivory Coast; Guinea; Mauritania

B5T4823I3      Israel

DRXS827A     Israel

DU9149SX0W Israel

DU8112TX0W Israel

B3T69110       Israel

DRXS712W    Italy

DRXS722W    Italy

DRX827WN    Italy

DX82NW        Italy

DRX927WN    Italy

TDEXS727WN  Italy

MDXS727A    Italy

EDR927A       Italy

MDX837BI     Italy

DRX937AI      Italy

UD937RI        Italy

UD837RI        Italy

UD927R          Italy

DRX923W      Italy

DRX823N       Italy

DRXS737AI    Italy

UD832RS        Italy

DRXS827A     Italy

TDEXS723A   Italy

DC7W Kuwait; Qatar; Oman; Bahrain

DHP10W        Kuwait; Qatar; Oman; Bahrain; United Arab Emirates

DR8532GX0   Luxembourg; Belgium; Netherlands

DH10445RX0MRP     Malaysia

DH9443CX0W Malaysia

DU10134GX0WS        Malaysia

DS8432TX0    Netherlands; Belgium

BTBN42XN    Nordic

BTBN43XN    Nordic

BTBN44XN    Nordic

BTBN52XN    Nordic

BTBN53XN    Nordic

BTBN54XN    Nordic

BTBC42XB     Nordic

BTBC43XB     Nordic

BTBC44XB     Nordic

BTBC52XB     Nordic

BTBC53XB     Nordic

BTBC54XB     Nordic

DCU8240S      Palestine

DFU9043SX    Palestine

DCJ83133PHW          Philippines

DS8412WX     Poland

DH8634GXS   Poland

DS8412GX        Poland

MDS8412RX     Poland

MDH8634RXS   Poland

EDF7434GXA   Poland

MDF7434RXC   Poland

EDH8634RXS   Poland

DF7434RXA     Poland

MDF7444CX    Poland

MDF7444CXM  Poland

MDF7312XW   Poland

EDH8634RXS   Poland

MDH8634RXS   Poland

DF7434XRA     Poland

DF7312GXW    Poland

DH8636GXS     Poland

DH8636XGS     Poland

PDH9544RXE   Poland

DS8524RTDCXST      Poland

B5T67249WDC           Poland

B5T68243WDC           Poland

DH9524RTDCXST     Poland

DF7424RTDCX          Poland

DHS 8413 GA1           Portugal; Spain

B3T43230       Romania

B3T69110       Romania

DU 9139 TA    Romania; Georgia; Libya; Tunisia; Morocco; Senegal; Ivory Coast; Guinea; Mauritania

DS 8444R X    Romania; Hungary; Ukraine; Bulgaria; Malta

DS 8530  SX    Romania; Poland; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Jordan

DS 9430 SX     Romania; Poland; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Jordan; Hungary; Albania; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Serbia; Croatia; Slovenia

DS 8452 TA     Romania; Poland; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Uruguay

DF 7412 PA     Romania; Poland; Hungary; Ukraine; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Jordan; Croatia; Slovenia; Albania; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Serbia; Bulgaria

DS 8439 TX     Romania; Poland; Serbia; Bulgaria; Hungary; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Ukraine; Albania; Kosovo; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Macedonia; Montenegro; Slovenia; Croatia; Greece

DG 8430 TX    Romania; Serbia

DS 7139 TX     Romania; Serbia; Bulgaria; Hungary; Albania; Kosovo; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Macedonia; Montenegro; Slovenia; Croatia; Jordan; Lebanon

DG 8540 SX    Romania; Serbia; Croatia; Slovenia; Albania; Kosovo; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Macedonia; Montenegro; Bulgaria

DPY 8506 GXB1         Romania; Slovenia; Malta; Croatia; Bulgaria; Czech Republic; Slovakia; Greece

B3T42233A     Rusia

B3T43234A     Rusia

B3T22110       Rusia

DCJ83133W   Saudi Arabia

B3T68230       Serbia; Bulgaria; Hungary; Romania

DU 7112 PA1  Serbia; Bulgaria; Tajikistan; Nepal; Morocco; Ukraine; Hungary; Albania; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Croatia; Slovenia

DS 8312 PX     Serbia; Croatia; Slovenia; Albania; Kosovo; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Macedonia; Montenegro

B5T89247W    Serbia; Czech Republic; Romania; Slovakia

DS 8139 TX     Serbia; Hungary; Bulgaria; Indonesia; Uruguay; Tunisia; Morocco; Libya; Senegal; Ivory Coast; Guinea; Mauritania; Romania; Albania; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Croatia; Slovenia

B3T67110       Serbia; Romania

B5T68237       Serbia; Romania; Bulgaria

B5T69243       Serbia; Romania; Bulgaria

B3T68110       Serbia; Romania; Bulgaria

B5T68233       Serbia; Romania; Bulgaria; Hungary

B3T67230       Serbia; Romania; Bulgaria; Hungary; Ukraine

B5T69233       Serbia; Romania; Bulgaria; Indonesia

B5T68247       Serbia; Romania; Czech Republic; Slovakia

B5T89243W    Serbia; Romania; Czech Republic; Slovakia

B5T68243       Serbia; Romania; Czech Republic; Slovakia; Ukraine

DB 7111 PA    Serbia; Slovenia; Ukraine; Croatia; Albania; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Bulgaria; Morocco

BTD 100          South Africa

BTD 101          South Africa

DHA 8512 RX   Spain; Portugal

DHS 8412 GA0           Spain; Portugal

DHS 7413 PA0     Spain; Portugal

DS 8512 CX        Spain; Portugal

DHS 7413 GA0           Spain; Portugal

B5T42243       Spain; Portugal

B5T43233       Spain; Portugal

DIHS 7414 GA0          Spain; Portugal

DH 10413 GAO           Spain; Portugal

DB 7111 GA0  Spain; Portugal

DU 7111 GA1  Spain; Portugal

DU 9112 GA0  Spain; Portugal

DHS 8312 GA0           Spain; Portugal; Paraguay; Uruguay; Bolivia

DU 8112 GA0  Spain; Portugal; Uruguay; Paraguay; Bolivia

500732CH       Switzerland

600872CH       Switzerland

600873CH       Switzerland

500952CH       Switzerland

DH10445RX0MRP     Thailand

DH9443CX0W Thailand

DU10133GA0W          Thailand

B5T66237WM             Thailand

B5T64237WM             Thailand

B5T6423WM    Thailand

B5T64237WW   Thailand

B5T6423WW  Thailand

B5T6323WM  Thailand

B5T6323WW  Thailand

B3T4229W      Thailand

B3T4410WM  Thailand

B3T4410WW  Thailand

B3T4310WW  Thailand

B3T4210W      Thailand

B3T4110W      Thailand

D 91 HP           Turkey

D 91 HPS         Turkey

KM 99     Turkey

D 81 HP           Turkey

D 81 HPS         Turkey

KM 70    Turkey

KM 80    Turkey

KM 90    Turkey

MERCEK WIFI         Turkey

BEYOND GOOD        Turkey

KM 81 BMG   Turkey

KM 81 B          Turkey

KM 82 B          Turkey

KM 91 B          Turkey

KM 91 BMG   Turkey

KM 92 BMG Hibrit    Turkey

KM 99 B          Turkey

PRF46XL        Turkey


KT 70  Turkey

DF7412PB      Ukraine

DB 7111 PAS  Ukraine; Croatia; Albania; Bosnia And Herzegovina; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Bulgaria; Morocco; Tunisia; Libya; Senegal; Ivory Coast; Guinea

DC9W United Arab Emirates; Qatar; Kuwait; Oman; Bahrain

DTLP71151W             United Kingdom

DTLP81151W              United Kingdom

DTLP91151W             United Kingdom

DHY9P46W                United Kingdom

DTLP81141W             United Kingdom

DPHX80460W             United Kingdom

DPHX90460W             United Kingdom

DPHY9P46W              United Kingdom

DTLCE70051S             United Kingdom

DTLCE80051B           United Kingdom

DTLCE70051B           United Kingdom

DTLCE70151W          United Kingdom

DTKCE70021W         United Kingdom

DTLCE80051W          United Kingdom

DTLCE80021W          United Kingdom

DTLCE80121W          United Kingdom

DTLCE80041W          United Kingdom

DTKCE90021W         United Kingdom

DTLCE90151W          United Kingdom

DTLCE80151W          United Kingdom

DTLCE90051W          United Kingdom

DTKCE80021W         United Kingdom; Iraq

B3T4824DW   United Kingdom; Ireland

DTIKP71131W           United Kingdom; Ireland

B5T4823IW    United Kingdom; Ireland

B5T4823RW   United Kingdom; Ireland

B5T4923RW   United Kingdom; Ireland

B5T4824RW   United Kingdom; Ireland

B5T4923IW    United Kingdom; Ireland

B3T4823DW   United Kingdom; Ireland

B3T41011DW United Kingdom; Ireland

B3T4911DG    United Kingdom; Ireland

B3T4911DW   United Kingdom; Ireland

DTLCE81031W          United Kingdom; Singapore

DTLCE70051W          United Kingdom; Sri Lanka; Malaysia

DU8133GA0W            Vietnam