B Sensible Waterproof Bedding

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2 in 1 Mattress Protector + Fitted Sheet.

Not only protect the mattress and keeps its comfort, this fitted sheet protector brings more comfort, freshness, climate & moisture management to the bed, all in a natural, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly way. Thanks to its membrane it acts as a barrier against dust mites, bacteria, fungi and bed bugs, ensuring that each costumer has a healthy, fresh and comfortable night sleep.

This is a unique natural fabric that unites cosmetic properties, freshness, thermo-regulation, waterproofness, stretchability and breathability.

The fabric structure is a knitted stretch jersey laminated with a breathable and unnoticeable polyurethane membrane using our DermofreshÒ technology.

The fibre composition, contains the essential trace element zinc (contains pharma grade 4 zinc white – pharmaceutically pure zinc oxide). Zinc is vital for human and a real elixir of life. It has a decisive influence on our well-being like few other nutrients. It is present everywhere in the body.

Moreover, zinc also has a vital function for the skin. It helps to defend against infection and promotes healing thanks to his contribution to cell regeneration and skin renewal.

Also provides natural antibacterial and therefore odour-reducing properties, this effect is based on the oligodynamic process.

This properties remain intact throughout the entire life of the product.

Thanks to Tencel features it also gets a very smooth surface and a good moisture management, and helps to avoid the growth of allergens.

It can be washed up to 90ºC in white and 60ºC in colours, and tumble dried low-medium heat.

These fitted sheets protectors are produced with all these benefits to ensure that each customer has a healthy, fresh and comfortable night sleep.

B Sensible Waterproof Bedding Range

Endorsed Model Range:

Duvet Protector
Mattress Encasement
Select Style Mattress Protector
Standard Style Mattress Protector
Pillow Protector
Bugs Secure Mattress Encasement
BSensible Baby Standard Style Mattress Protector
BSensible Baby Pillow Protector
BSensible Kids Standard Style Mattress Protector
BSensible Kids Pillow Protector