Acarsan Anti Dust Mite Bedding

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Since VELAMEN, S.A. always looks for the wellbeing of its customers and specifically its restorative sleep, and after being aware of the increasing need of protection against dustmites, we developed the Acarsan® anti-dustmite brand.

VELAMEN, S.A. is a Spanish firm specializing in the manufacture and marketing of home textile products.

The Acarsan® anti-dustmite brand by VELAMEN, S.A. gathers the anti-dustmite treatments that we apply to either fibre or fabrics by eliminating bacteria and fungus, which are the ones who provide the nourishment to dustmites.

Our Acarsan® treatment is a permanent treatment which is washing resistant, since it is effective even after 20 washes at 40ºC. We usually recommend to wash the anti-dustmite products at 40ºC to prolong the life of the treatment, though our products can be washed at a higher temperature.

Acarsan Anti Dust Mites Bedding

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Fully Enclosed Mattress Covers
Mattress Protectors
Quilted Mattress Protectors
Fitted Sheets
Pillowcases / Pillow Protectors
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