If you have a Food Allergy, Food Intolerance or Coeliac Disease, or you care for a child who does, you can help with this Study into the impacts of these conditions on day to day life.  Complete the latest survey (on priorities and values) from the FSA-funded, #FOODSENSITIVE project-help researchers.

Take Part

Survey Overview

The Survey asks:

  • about the impact of those conditions on you, or your child’s, quality of life
  • you to make some “what would you do?” choices
  • your attitude to your, or your child’s, food hypersensitivity and your attitude to risk.

This project is led by Dr Rebecca Knibb at Aston University and Professor Dan Rigby (University of Manchester) in collaboration with Universities of Surrey and Newcastle, Allergy Action, Guys and St Thomas and Birmingham University Hospitals NHS Trusts. The study is funded by the Food Standards Agency.

As well as helping inform the FSA-funded research, participants can enter a prize draw for the chance to win shopping vouchers.

(For further information and questions contact Professor Dan Rigby at the University of Manchester