My Life Your Hands

Because there is no greater gift.

Allergy UK is today unveiling its new Christmas fundraising campaign, My Life Your Hands, which shares Ella’s story of how a night out with a food allergy can go seriously wrong.

Despite taking precautions, speaking up about her allergies, carrying and using both adrenaline auto-injectors, Ella still found herself in a medical emergency.

However, it was thanks to Ella’s foresight that her friend knew what to do in that situation and that Ella can share her story today.

Her friend saved her life. That’s the bottom line.I think she’d have been dead on the pavement without her friend. That’s the reality of it. Sarah, Ella’s mum.

We need more friends like Ella’s, so in 2024, we will be on a mission to make more young people allergy aware, so they know how to spot the signs of anaphylaxis and know what to do in an emergency.

Please help us do this by donating to our Christmas campaign, My Life, Your Hands. Follow the link below to find out more, including how you can support this vital campaign. Because this Christmas, there really is no greater gift.

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My Life, Your Hands

My Life, Your Hands is Allergy UK’s 2023 Christmas fundraising campaign. It shares Ella’s inspiring story, to raise awareness of severe food allergies, the impact they can have, and how to support those in need.

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