MedicAlert: Your medical information, on you, keeping you safe

MedicAlert and Allergy UK have joined forces for a collaboration which is set to benefit all members and the wider allergic community.  Driven by a mutual desire to enable those with allergic and medical conditions to live their lives as safely and as fully as possible, the partnership between MedicAlert and Allergy UK will make it even easier for people to access their resources.

Simone Miles, Operations Director for Allergy UK explains, ‘With MedicAlert records showing that thousands of its members are living with allergic conditions, it makes sense that we come together to raise awareness of resources available through our organisation to MedicAlert members. Similarly, it is helpful for those people who are living with allergies and are part of the AUK community to be signposted to the products and resources available through MedicAlert.”

Until end of July 2023, MedicAlert will be offering the Allergy UK community an exclusive 15% discount on sales of engraved medical jewellery.   The jewellery is engraved with vital medical information, such as allergies and medication taken, pointing towards full medical records.  In this way, paramedics and doctors can make appropriate care decisions based on an individual’s specific needs. MedicAlert’s service is the most comprehensive and complete medical ID service in the UK and by using the code AUKMEDI when ordering any item from MedicAlert, those within the Allergy UK community will qualify for a 15% discount.

The full range of MedicAlert jewellery can be found here.