Shape the future of NHS treatment for those living with HDM allergies

A new treatment for House Dust Mite (HDM) allergy, known as Acarizax, is currently undergoing a NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) consultation process to determine its suitability to be made available on the NHS.

Unlike current treatments that merely alleviate the symptoms of HDM allergy, Acarizax is an immunotherapy treatment that aims to effectively reduce or eliminate a person’s allergic response to HDM.

As a patient organisation, we understand the challenges of living with or caring for a child with an HDM allergy – from daily hurdles and the postcode lottery of care to financial and time burdens to manage symptoms. And why we believe that any consultation on the availability of treatments for this condition should include the voices and experiences of those affected by it.

To this end, we are collecting the experiences of those living with or caring for children with an HDM allergy as part of this process. Sharing your experiences will help NICE to understand the potential impact of making such a treatment available on the NHS, and your voice will be taken into consideration in their decision.

If you would like to contribute your experiences and be heard in this important process, please consider sharing your story with us at by July 12th. All responses will remain anonymous but will contribute to NICE’s understanding of the unmet needs of patients living with HDM allergies with the current standard of care offered on the NHS.

Your input will be invaluable in shaping the future treatment options available for HDM on the NHS.

This project has been funded by ALK.