Dealing with the Challenges of Caring for a Child with Cow’s Milk Allergy

A new Resource Pack for Parents

Allergy UK, the leading charity for people living with all kinds of allergic conditions, has launched a new resource pack for parents whose child has been diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy. The pack, designed as a Roadmap, tackles the challenges of feeding and caring for children with cow’s milk allergy, step by step.

It focuses on eight key milestones from diagnosis and management through to the stage when a child might outgrow the condition, providing practical advice and information along the way.

View Roadmap Here

Supported by Reckitt Benckiser, each milestone Factsheet includes comments from a parent of a child with the condition, highlighting their own experiences, anxiety and concerns around caring for a child with cow’s milk allergy.

Around 2% of babies have a diagnosed cow’s milk allergy and research has shown that parents are anxious about the condition and want more information about the future wellbeing of their infant. The Roadmap will provide the support and information they need in milestones that align with their baby’s development.

Says Amena Warner, Head of Clinical Services at Allergy UK:

It is a very worrying time for parents when their child is diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy. They may have often already had a lengthy and difficult time getting a diagnosis for their baby as many of the typical symptoms are common in well babies.  Post diagnosis their anxiety shifts to worries about how to best manage the condition and what it means for their child’s wellbeing now and in the future. We hear from anxious parents on our Helpline who are desperate for the information and support they need to guide them through the many challenges around feeding, weaning and the likelihood of their child outgrowing the condition.  These are some of the key issues that we address in our new Roadmap which we believe responds to an unmet need for parents who, faced with a cow’s milk allergy diagnosis, are searching for accessible and practical information that will help guide them in providing the best possible care for their child.

Eight key milestones:

  1. Managing cow’s milk allergy – What to do next once your baby has been diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy
  2. Feeding a child with cow’s milk allergy – Feeding your baby safely
  3. Gut health in babies and children – What is ‘normal’ for your baby’s poo
  4. The future and allergies – Will my child continue to have allergies in the future?
  5. Weaning – What should I know about weaning my baby?
  6. Re-introduction of cow’s milk protein – When and how to reintroduce cow’s milk to your baby’s diet – each baby is different
  7. The milk ladder – What is this and why am I being asked to follow it?
  8. Outgrowing cow’s milk allergy – Will my child outgrow cow’s milk allergy?

The new Roadmap for parents with a child with cow’s milk allergy is available on the Allergy UK website at (link).  The Allergy UK Helpline on 01322 619898 provides help and support for people living with allergic conditions.