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Ruben Bousquet was a vibrant 14-year-old boy who loved life. He was a son, a brother, and a hockey player. He liked films and enjoyed hanging out with his friends.

On 18th April 2019, Ruben visited the cinema with his dad. Ruben was allergic to cow’s milk, soya, and raw egg, and checked with the cinema staff that the popcorn he purchased was safe to eat; they said it was. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t safe to eat.

Within 15 minutes, Ruben had a reaction and within 30 minutes he went into anaphylactic shock. Sadly, Ruben died of acute anaphylaxis to cow’s milk from the cross-contamination of the popcorn.

Who are the London Knightz

Ruben was a passionate inline hockey player for the London Knightz, a London and Kent-based inline skater club for everyone over the age of four.

In 2019, London Knightz partnered with Allergy UK to support our work to improve the lives of the millions of people who are affected by allergic disease. Even more particular is their support for our mission that no one should die of Allergy. Since Ruben’s passing, his hockey team at London Knightz has continued to honour his memory in various ways including organising walks and tournaments to keep his memory alive.  In line with this, they have raised thousands of pounds for Allergy UK in Ruben’s memory.

In October 2019, the same year that Ruben passed, Allergy UK launched an interactive Allergy House.  The home of an atopic family, the Knights, was named after the London Knightz. The Allergy House provides an interactive walk-through experience to explore the home of an atopic family and continues to be a popular online Allergy UK resource.  The walk-through experience provides useful information on how to manage allergy hotspots in the home and signposts useful services and resources provided by Allergy UK.

The London Knightz have currently raised over £4500 for Allergy UK and we are enormously grateful for the continued support we receive.

Find out more about the London Knightz

Ruben’s 18th Birthday Memorial Tournament

Saturday 30th July 2022, The Lord Roberts Centre, Brookwood, Woking

On what would have been  Ruben’s 18th Birthday, London Knightz organised a memorial tournament in Ruben’s honour. It was an eventful day as teams played spirited matches in Ruben’s memory and Judith wore a London Kinghtz Jersey with Ruben’s name and number on it. In an emotional moment, Ruben’s mother, Judith Bousquet, scored a goal at the tail end of the match, having started to learn how to play following Ruben’s passing. Judith knows that Ruben is proud.

Annual Memorial Walks for Ruben

October 2019-2022, Danson Park, Kent

Over the last three years, Ruben’s teammates at London Knightz and his Mum come together to host an annual sponsored walk in his memory. This year, the pouring rain didn’t stop his team’s commitment as they walked around Danson Park to honour Ruben’s memory.

Tournaments and Matches

Knightz vs Crusaders 

28th September 2019, Swanley

Representatives from Allergy UK attended the inline Hockey game where The London Knightz families, supporters, coaches and players fundraised for Allergy UK. It was an avenue to raise awareness of allergies while enjoying three inline hockey games, which were fast-paced and full-on.

Charity Hootenanny 

28th September 2019, Blackheath Halls

The Charity Hootenany was organised for the Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy UK.  It was a good opportunity to fundraise and to give a speech about who we are and what we do as a charity, and to talk about London Knightz and Ruben. A total of £1740 was raised and split between Allergy UK and Anaphylaxis campaign.

London Knightz Awards Ceremony 

26th February 2022, Eltham Goalz

A massive total of £1285 was raised for Allergy UK.

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