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Useful Allergy Resources for Schools

This list includes official guidelines, action plans, policy tools and just a few interesting articles that address issues around allergy management in schools. Informative resources from other countries are included for their forward thinking approaches.

PDF downloads:

EAACI food allergy and anaphylaxis guidelines: managing patients with food allergy in the community

Muraro A, Agache I, Clark A, Sheikh A, Roberts G, Akdis CA, Borrego LM, Higgs J, Hourihane JO, Jorgensen P, Mazon A, Parmigiani D, Said M, Schnadt S, van Os-Medendorp H, Vlieg-Boerstra BJ, Wickman M on behalf of the EAACI Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Guidelines Group. Allergy. 69(8): 1046-57
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BSACI Allergy Action Plans

This link provides the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) Allergy Action plans for Children that are endorsed by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). The plans are for GPs, hospital doctors and other health professionals to provide guidance on how to manage allergic reactions.
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NICE Guidelines. Anaphylaxis: assessment to confirm an anaphylactic episode and the decision to refer after emergency treatment for a suspected anaphylactic episode.

Reviewed 2014.
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Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings 3rd Edition       -     2005-2014 Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

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Anaphylaxis Guidelines: A resource for managing severe allergies in Victorian government schools.

State of Victoria, Australia. Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. 2012
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The National Allergy Strategy Group (NASG) is an alliance of the professional organisation BSACI (British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology), the patient charities, Allergy UK (AUK), The Anaphylaxis Campaign (TAC) and the Allergy Alliance (AA) and industry partners. 

Department of Health – Agency of Human Resources VERMONT, USA - School Health - Clinical, Preventive, and Wellness Resources

This links to a comprehensive set of policies and action plans for managing allergy in Vermont State schools (USA).

Schools and Daycares - Anaphylaxis Canada

It is normal to feel a little anxious when your child starts daycare or school for the first time. As the parent of a child with severe allergies, you have many worries and questions: Will my child be safe? Will others know what to do in an emergency? Will my child's allergies be understood?  

Medical Conditions at Schools

The Health Conditions in School Alliance is made of over 30 organisations, including charities, healthcare professionals and trade unions who work collaboratively to make sure children with health conditions get the care they need in school.

AAI's in Schools - Wales

An amendment to the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 allows schools across the UK to obtain ‘adrenaline pens’, without a prescription, for use in emergencies from 1 October 2017. In Wales, this applies to local authority maintained nurseries, primary, secondary and special schools, pupil referral units (PRUs) and independent schools.

Guidance for Wales is available at -
English: Read Here

Welsh: Read Here


Shelburne School takes new approach to food allergies.
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Nut-free schools, gluten-free diets, careful with the carbs: anxiety around food is on the rise, and it’s not easy to sort the myth from the medical advice.
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Helping Families Manage Food Allergy in Schools  - Tips and Tools for the Allergist and Nonallergist
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When Should Children and Adolescents Assume Responsibility for Self-Treatment of Anaphylaxis?
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Back to School Allergy/Asthma Tips
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The Pros and Cons to Banning Allergens From Schools
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Article discusses the pros and cons of nut bans at US schools, from a parent perspective.
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The link to another USA District’s policy for nuts in schools (no- ban)
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Welsh Schools working collaboratively to keep children with medical conditions safe in school.
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This 2013 slide show is useful based on the latest version of Canada’s “Anaphylaxis in Schools and Other Settings” guidance.   Early on in the presentation they stress that allergen-free is not feasible and schools should work for allergy-safe environments by educating everyone about risk management.  The bulk of the presentation is about emergency management and use of AAIs in schools.

Watch video here