COVID-19 Vaccine-associated Anaphylaxis

A statement of the World Allergy Organization Anaphylaxis Committee.

The Anaphylaxis Committee of the World Allergy Organization (WAO) has just published a statement in World Allergy Organization Journal, which provides, in the global context:

  • Background of reactions to the current COVID-19 vaccines
  • Relevant steps to mitigate risk of anaphylaxis as an adverse event following immunization.

COVID-19 vaccine-associated anaphylaxis: A statement of the World Allergy Organization Anaphylaxis Committee
Turner PJ, Ansotegui IJ, Campbell DE, Thong BYH, Worm M et al. (2021), World Allergy Organization Journal.

COVID-19 Vaccine-Associated Anaphylaxis Global Surveillance Project

WAO, in collaboration with Imperial College London and Network for Online Registration of Anaphylaxis (NORA), has launched a global surveillance project in order to better understand potential risks and generate data to inform evidence-based guidance, which we plan to make fully public to provide reassurance to healthcare professionals, the allergy community, public health bodies and members of the public.

We encourage you to provide de-identified information, which will then be assessed against the validated criteria.

Report Cases of Allergic Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccines

Additional Resources

World Allergy Organization Anaphylaxis Guidance 2020
Cardona V, Ansotegui IJ, Ebisawa M, Thong BYH, Turner PJ et al., World Allergy Organization Journal.

To find more resources on COVID-19 and Allergy, visit the World Allergy Organization website.