Eczema and Skin Allergies

Allergy Focus, May 2023 Edition

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Welcome to the second issue of Allergy Focus, the essential e-newsletter designed exclusively for healthcare professionals by Allergy UK. In this edition, we direct our attention to skin allergies.

Our latest release features an invaluable addition to our resources, a brand-new eBook dedicated to exploring the intricacies atopic eczema. This comprehensive guide is tailored to assist healthcare professionals in understanding, diagnosing, and managing eczema effectively.

Additionally, we’re proud to unveil two newly developed leaflets meticulously curated for patients experiencing mild, moderate, and severe symptoms of eczema. These resources serve as a practical guide, offering tailored advice and support to individuals managing eczema in various stages.

At Allergy UK, we recognise the importance of empowering healthcare professionals with the latest information and tools to navigate the complexities of allergic conditions. We hope this issue of ‘Allergy Focus’ proves to be an invaluable asset in your clinical practice, equipping you with the knowledge and resources necessary to support patients dealing with eczema effectively. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations in our ongoing mission to enhance allergy care.

Warm regards,

Amena Warner
Head of Clinical Services, Allergy UK

Atopic eczema, an eBook for healthcare professionals

Eczema can affect anyone of any age and ethnicity. This e-booklet for healthcare professionals aims to provide basic advice and support on recognising the signs and symptoms of atopic eczema, treatment options to help managing the condition, including useful practical tips and advice. (29 minute read)

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Everything you need to know about managing childhood eczema

This article offers an insight into best practice in managing eczema. Nurse Consultant Sandra Lawton, an expert in the field of Dermatology, looks at the patient pathway from history taking through to treatments. A host of links to useful resourses are also included in the article. (13 minute read)

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Skincare for babies with eczema

Renowned Professor Anthony Bewley, Consultant Dermatologist, Barts Health NHS Trust, provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise on skincare for babies in this podcast.  Joined by Allergy UK Nurse Advisor Holly Shaw this conversation covers allergic triggers, skin barriers and the relationship between food allergy and eczema. (30 minutes)

Listen here

Managing mild eczema symptoms

This concise yet comprehensive guide is designed to offer practical advice and effective strategies for those experiencing mild manifestations of eczema. Packed with expert tips and insights, this leaflet aims to empower individuals to better manage their condition, providing support and guidance on minimizing discomfort and enhancing skin health.

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Managing moderate to severe eczema symptoms

Designed in collaboration with leading experts, this leaflet is a beacon of knowledge, providing practical strategies and insights tailored specifically for managing moderate to severe eczema symptoms.

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