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Hay fever map reveals Britain's worst pollen hot spots

Allergy and asthma have both increased in the prevalence in the UK over the past 20 years with allergy continuing to rise. In the UK asthma exacerbations (when asthma gets significantly worse) lead to 50,000 hospital admissions per year, over 1200 deaths and an annual spend of £800 millions on medication (NHS 2013).

There is significant association betweem grass pollen exposure and hospital admissions for asthma. A recent UK study from the University of Exeter, published maps of areas in the UK where certain trees, weeds and grass are more prevalent. This may lead to improved alert systems to inform us of 'higher rise' days, when more of a certain type of pollen is in the air, so that people who know they are allergic to that type of pollen (i.e. grass, birch tree or mugwort weed) can take preventative measures to reduce asthma exacerbations and potentially avoid a hospital admission, where that pollen is their allergic trigger.

This is very encouraging news and one that Allergy UK welcomes to help people with allergy make informed choices to help manage their daily life.

Amena Warner, Head of Clinical Services, Allergy UK.

Amena has been on breakfast television and radio this morning, speaking about the new pollen maps and how they can help those with hay fever in the UK.

To view the maps and the details from the study click here.

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